Describe This Picture: Earphones In Your Ears


Describe This Picture is a lesson series where you can learn new vocabulary words and expressions related to a photograph. Beginner-level learners can learn new words, and intermediate-level learners can pick up new ways to describe things!

Key Sentences

지하철 안에 사람이 별로 없어요.
= There are not many people in the subway.

오른 편에는 한 남자가 앉아 있고 귀에는 이어폰을 꽂고 있어요.
= On the right side, a man is sitting, and he has earphones in his ears.

가운데에 보이는 문 옆에 소화기가 있어요.
= Next to the door that can be seen in the middle, there is a fire extinguisher.

손잡이들이 길게 늘어서 있지만, 잡고 있는 사람은 한 명도 없어요.
= There are hand straps lined up, but no one is holding on to them.

이 지하철의 종착역은 수서역이에요.
= The final station of this train is Suseo Station.



Key Words

  • 지하철 subway
  • 사람 people, person
  • 오른 편 right side
  • 남자 man
  • 귀 ear
  • 이어폰 earphone
  • 꽂다 to stick in, to insert
  • 가운데 center, middle
  • 문 door
  • 옆 next to
  • 소화기 fire extinguisher
  • 손잡이 hand strap, handle
  • 길게 in a long line, in a long shape
  • 늘어서다 to line up
  • 잡다 to hold, to grab
  • 종착역 final destination, final stop

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Describe This Picture: Earphones In Your Ears
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