Describe This Picture: Winter Alley

Describe This Picture is a lesson series where you can learn new vocabulary words and expressions related to a photograph. Beginner-level learners can learn new words, and intermediate-level learners can pick up new ways to describe things!

Sample sentences describing this picture:

골목길에 가게들이 몇 군데 있어요.
= There are a few shops in the alley.

가게들 중에는 문을 연 곳도 있고, 아직 문을 안 연 곳도 있어요.
= Some of the shops are open, and some of them are not open yet.

왼쪽에서 김이 나고 있는데, 아마도 만두를 파는 식당인 것 같아요.
= Steam is coming out from the left side, and it’s maybe a restaurant that sells dumplings.

사람들이 입은 옷을 보니 겨울인 것 같아요.
= Judging from the clothes people are wearing, it seems to be winter.

도로 위에는 일방통행이라고 쓰여져 있고 화살표가 그려져 있어요.
= On the road, it says “one-way street” and there’s an arrow drawn on it.

Key Words

  • 골목길 alley
  • 가게 store, shop
  • 군데 counter for places or spots
  • 문을 열다 to open the door, to open for business
  • 왼쪽 left side
  • 김이 나다 steam comes out
  • 아마도 maybe, probably
  • 만두 dumplings
  • 팔다 to sell
  • 식당 restaurant
  • 옷을 입다 to wear clothes
  • 겨울 winter
  • 도로 road
  • 일방통행 one-way street
  • 화살표 arrow

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Describe This Picture: Winter Alley
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