Describe This Picture: Man Wearing Hat

Describe This Picture is a lesson series where you can learn new vocabulary words and expressions related to a photograph. Beginner-level learners can learn new words, and intermediate-level learners can pick up new ways to describe things!

Key Sentences
남자가 혼자 막다른 골목길에 서 있어요.
= The man is standing alone in a dead-end alley.

남자는 정장을 입었고, 모자를 썼는데, 넥타이는 조금 풀어져 있어요.
= The man is wearing a suit and a hat, and his tie is a little loose.

남자는 지금 무표정으로 머리 위를 올려다 보고 있어요.
= The man is looking above his head with no expression on his face.

남자 뒤로 보이는 건물에는 철제 계단들이 설치되어 있어요.
= On the building that you can see behind him, there are steel staircases installed.

남자는 눈썹이 아주 짙은 편이고 콧수염, 턱수염, 그리고 구레나룻까지 다 나 있어요.
= The man has quite thick eyebrows and he has a beard, a mustache and even sideburns.

Key Words

  • 혼자 alone
  • 막다른 dead-end
  • 골목길 alley
  • 정장 suit
  • 입다 to wear
  • 모자 hat
  • 넥타이 necktie
  • 풀다 to untie, to undo
  • 무표정 expressionless
  • 올려다 보다 to look up
  • 뒤로 보이다 to be visible behind …
  • 건물 building
  • 철제 steel, made of steel
  • 계단 stairs, staircase
  • 설치되다 to be installed
  • 눈썹 eyebrow
  • 짙다 to be thick, to be deep
  • 콧수염 mustache
  • 턱수염 beard
  • 구레나룻 sideburns

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Describe This Picture: Man Wearing Hat
  • 박 에디

    Perfect! This was the practice I was looking for, thanks for incorporating the person into the description! Will be looking forward for more!

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    저도 감사하고요. 이러한 수업에 통해서 어휘뿐만 아니라 문법도 한국 사람 생각하는 반밥도 배울 수 있거든요.

    • Seokjin Jin

      한국 사람 생각하는 반밥도 > 한국 사람들이 어떻게 생각하는 지도

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