Describe This Picture: Hands in Your Pockets


Describe This Picture is a lesson series where you can learn new vocabulary words and expressions related to a photograph. Beginner-level learners can learn new words, and intermediate-level learners can pick up new ways to describe things!

Key Sentences
한 남자가 주머니에 두 손을 넣고 걷고 있어요.
= A man is walking with his two hands in his pockets.

사진 한가운데에 소화전이 하나 보여요.
= In the middle of the picture, you see a fire hydrant.

하늘에 구름이 넓고 얇게 끼어 있어요.
= The sky is covered with thin and wide clouds.

건물의 창문이 다 같은 모양으로 생겼어요.
= The windows on the building are all in the same shape.

기와는 검은색이고, 그 아래 부분 벽은 주황색으로 칠해져 있어요.
= The roof tiles are black, and the walls beneath them are painted orange.

Key Words

  • 주머니 pocket
  • 넣다 to put in
  • 걷다 to walk
  • 한가운데 middle, center
  • 소화전 fire hydrant
  • 구름 cloud
  • 넓다 to be wide
  • 얇다 to be thin
  • 끼다 to be stuck
  • 건물 building
  • 창문 window
  • 모양 shape
  • 생기다 to be made, to look like
  • 기와 roof tile
  • 검은색 black color
  • 주황색 orange color
  • 칠하다 to paint

You can also download the free Anki vocabulary deck for this video here:

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Describe This Picture: Hands in Your Pockets
  • b_k

    I really like this series of lessons. Could I make a friendly suggestion? I like to just throw all the words and sentences I don’t already know directly into my anki deck and usually use google image search to find a picture. Could you please provide the plain picture file (doesn’t need to be HQ) to go along with the sentences for the anki cards? I can sometimes use the header graphic but this time the title is covering up the 소화전!^^ 수고 많이 하셔습니다!

  • DanM87

    1명 남자 있어요. 남자 걸어요.

  • 벽의 한가운데에 소화전 그림을 주황색으로 칠하고 있다. 내 문장이 맞아요?^^ 고맙습니다.

    • Seokjin Jin

      Grammatically correct! What did you mean? 🙂

    • 선생님, 맞춰보세요^^ I just put the words 한가운데에, 소화전, 주황색 and 칠하다 altogether. I’m sorry if it sounded nonsenseㅎㅎㅎ^^

    • Seokjin Jin

      No, it is not nonsense. Because the sentence you wrote was not mentioned in the video, so I just wondered what you wanted to mean.

  • JanineK

    In English, I would describe those walls as “salmon-colored” – like you said, Hyunwoo – between orange and pink! 🙂

  • PeterinKorea

    Thank you again for the great lesson. I would call the wall color “dark pink”, since I can’t see any orange, but this might be just me.
    For an exhaustive list of colors (most of which I have never heard of, but I not a native English speaker), see

    • Seokjin Jin

      Wow, thanks so much! The way how to call colors is quite different in Korea. 🙂 It is quite subtle.

    • PeterinKorea

      Quit subtle indeed and redundant in many cases, I might add.

      Again I am not a native English speaker, but even in my native German I am not using more than a few “real” color words plus adding the equivalents of bright and dark.

      And if this isn’t enough, I just use names of items to describe their color, as ‘salmon’ in Janine’s example.
      The most basic color named after an item (or rather a fruit in this case) must be orange. This was addressed in an episode of one of my favorite podcasts: