Han River Bike Ride


How are you studying Korean? We want to bring you as many different types of Korean learning materials as possible, so we are working on making more videos and audio lessons using natural-speed Korean conversations. This is one such effort by us and we hope you enjoy our short conversation during our bike ride by the Han River!

Information about study materials related to this video:

Get the Korean transcript + translation here ▶︎ http://goo.gl/73J6He

Get the free Anki vocabulary deck here ▶︎ http://goo.gl/4VEMCi


Han River Bike Ride
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  • Nick

    Anki vocabulary deck ??? Are you out of your mind???? This is AWESOME!!! You guys are freaking awesome!!!

    예날에 한강에서 자전거를 탄 본 적이 있어요. 다시 한 번 서울에서 살거 싶어요…

    • 감사합니다 ^^! 도움이 되었으면 좋겠네요!

  • samah

    한국 가고싶어요.그리고 한국어로 말하고 싶어요.ttmik teachers 너무 귀여워요..

  • Carl

    대단히 감사합니다. 한국에 대한 비디오를 만들어주셔서요 ㅎㅎ

  • Hương Du Đàm

    why I can’t see the script of video in below? how i see it?