Korean Q&A – How to say “heart” in Korean

  • Chris

    여기 석진 씨가 진짜 재미있어요. 그래서 저는 많이 웃었어요.

    잘 했어요 석진 씨! 감사합니다

    • 하하 재밌게 봐 주셔서 감사합니다.

  • locket

    LOL, the video is really cute 🙂
    but then what is 마음?

    • locket

      oh. nevermind. haha. that was stupid of me. XD

  • So what does “eesang” mean ? I hear in every kpop songs “deo essang” and it’s translated as heart (O__O)

  • 운결

    really funny video haha :):)
    가슴이 아파요 ~~ so cute

  • Jana

    하하하 재미있는 비디오<< 제가 너무 웃었어요 ^^

    석진 씨는 진짜 귀엽다 🙂

  • Hello, everyone! I am trying to study Korean with this site, and God only knows how much fun i have !!!! These video lessons are brilliant! I like this very lesson especially, and here is the reason: recently i have finished watching Secret Garden drama, and i love it and the music playing there. Most of all I liked the song by Baek Ji Young 그 여자 – so I decided to learn it, but before that I had to translate the lyrics, Just before translating it I watched this video lesson and was really (and pleasantly surprised) to find both 가슴 and 마음 in the song!!!!
    그 여자의 마음은 눈물투성이 (that woman’s soul/heart is full of tears) and
    매일 속으로만 가슴 속으로만

    And in her another song there is the phrase used in the video:
    정말 가슴이 너무 아파.
    It is so flattering when you catch something from a song you are listening to!!! Thank you so much! 정말 감사합니다!!! You are doing great job for all of your listeners and followers!
    By the way, Jinseokjin 씨, your acting is really good, natural and cuuuuuute!!!!

  • Anita

    haha it was so fun! thank you so much! great job!
    석진 씨 때문에 많이 웃었어요 ㅋㅋ

  • always…
    LOLing everytime i see seokjin-hyeong in the video. it was like he implying something else with his expression. you are good joker and teacher, hyeong! :))

  • 얼리나

    너무 재미있어요!!! 난 많이 웃었어요 !!!

  • kdstills@gmail.com

    만져 보다

  • Virda

    oh I got it know. 😀 great I’m not confused about that again.
    Thanks, 선생님~ this is very helpful.
    waaa~ 선생님 must be a great actor haha :p 감사합니다~

  • Lol at the ending.

  • Jeff

    What if I want to say and write; Heart and soul ?

  • Tristessa Merrell Brown

    So wait… What is 기픈?