TTMIK Drama – “He Who Can’t Date” (Episode 1 of 4)


TTMIK Drama is back! We are excited to present you a new series, “He Who Can’t Date” (연애 못 하는 남자). This series consists of 4 episodes and each episode will be followed by an bonus video explaining some of the major lines used in the story. Stay tuned for future episodes!

To see the full script and translation, download the PDF availabe in the side bar.

Thank you for studying with us!

Watch the commentary video here:


TTMIK Drama – “He Who Can’t Date” (Episode 1 of 4)
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  • anna

    진짜 재미있어요!

  • shai

    슬퍼하지만 재미있었어요.

  • Ginie

    This is awesome, and I’m quite proud of myself for understanding almost everything. I just had a problem with the vocabulary like 소개팅 and 핫팩 but I found out the meaning with the context.
    Poor SeokJin, I hope he’ll have a happy ending 🙂
    I wish the dramas I watch had korean subtitles, I love repeating lines of dialogue but sometimes I’m not always sure of the words…
    Thank you very much for this video 🙂

  • Catherine

    i have a problem: i can’t download it with the podcast!!

  • rigo

    i loved the video , thanks for your hard work
    this is a fun way to learn

  • Samier

    이거 슬퍼요 ㅠㅠ;;;

    불쌍한 석진이 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

    Can’t wait for the next video ^^

  • Maja

    there is something wring with the mp4 file. On the other note, thank You very much for Your hard work put into bringing us the Korean lanuguage 🙂

  • what does 아저씨 mean? the youtube captions just write it out as ajusshi without giving the meaning. 😛

    • 아저씨 is an honorific title (kind of like saying Mister/Mr. in English) that a younger person would call a male who is older than 오빠/형 age, but younger than 할아버지.

      A female older than 누나/언니 age, but younger than 할머니 would be called 아줌마.

  • mary

    Awesome! Hahaha! Poor 석진 씨~ you got stood up ! That’s so cute! Let me hug you !

  • 시혁

    재미있던대요 ^^

  • Romin K

    YAY! You did my idea! <3

  • Courtney

    Loved the video. But I can’t load it from iTunes. I would love to be able to stick it on my iPod.

  • Great! I love this . . . . but can’t seem to find the subtitles. I would really like to watch it with Korean subtitles.

  • katie

    Oh 석진씨 is so cute! I feel so sad for him ><

  • Constance

    What you are doing is amazing ! The comment video with the explanations is a really wonderful idea !
    Thank you so much for your hard-work !