TTMIK Drama – “He Who Can’t Date” (Episode 2 of 4)


Did you enjoy the first episode of “He Who Can’t Date” and the commentary video? Here’s episode #2! Find out what happens to the guy this time! This series consists of 4 episodes and each episode will be followed by an bonus video explaining some of the major lines used in the story. Stay tuned for future episodes!

To see the full script and translation, download the PDF availabe in the side bar.

Thank you for studying with us!

Watch the commentary video here:

TTMIK Drama – “He Who Can’t Date” (Episode 2 of 4)
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  • marheni

    why i can’t download the pdf???

  • 아후~ 슬프네요? ㅠㅠ;;;

    석진샘 화이팅 ㅎㅎㅎ Don’t give up yet 😀

  • traveler222

    I hope this is one of those dramas with a happy ending. Good luck 석진씨!

  • jani74

    poor Seokjin 🙁


  • rigo

    hello there , love the video
    so guys are the best teachers and very good acting by the way

  • Mr. Kim

    Is it common for restrooms to be located outside the restaurant or many types of businesses? Why wouldn’t there be a restroom inside? I’m asking b/c here in the states, the only places where restrooms are located outside is at some gas stations (which you need a key to use).

  • Thomas

    These videos are really helpful! Thanks a lot TTMIK team 🙂

    I noticed that these videos have Korean subtitles but I was wondering if they are completely accurate to the script. For example, some of the verb endings in the subtitles are honorific, which doesn’t match the dialogue. Is there any way we could correct this perhaps?

  • steven

    hilarious and educational. i love it

  • AgirlNamedThirteen13

    I can’t download the pdf.. T_T