TTMIK Drama – “He Who Can’t Date” (Episode 3 of 4)

  • Rigo

    Hello there , thanks for your efforts to teach us in a fun way
    I love the story , locations and also would like to congratulate you for your acting skills , have a nice weekend

  • raminsu

    카페 배경에 현우선 본 것 같아요. 티티믹 맨날 참 잘했습니다, 갑사합니다

  • nunki

    aaaahhhhh….. you guys just like a pro…!!!
    seems it is a natural talent for korean, to produce a gorgeous drama.
    nice angle, and i wonder who did the movie editing?

    i do really enjoy learning korean because of TTMIK.

  • frass

    wooooaw, i am really want to watch this drama on Telebijon !, , Based This Story will be touchfull. i hope You guys become a famous, Yumyeonghaesseumyon Johgeusseoyo! (>.<)

  • yilan

    Wow, great filming skills! The dancing scene looked like from a real, cool movie… with the music, sun spots and all! Thank you!

  • So sad. ^^

  • gamila

    every time i watch this .. i feel a great sorrow for this man 🙁 .. he is so kind 🙁 …..every ending lead me to feel sadness …… :S ….even i know it is just a drama .. it still affects me .. it so touching…..
    i hope it will be more than 4 episodes …
    you are great people~~~love you all

  • 석징 왜 이래?! ㅎㅎㅎ

    티티믹 선생님들 원전 좋은 배우인 것 같아요 ㅋㅋㅋ


  • TTMIK Fan

    These are so well done! Thank you!