[Ask Hyojin] Does Korea Have Horoscope?

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Do you believe in horoscopes? Whether you really believe in them or not, they can be sometimes fun to read. In Korea, what’s more popular than the horoscope is the Chinese zodiac signs. In this episode of “Ask Hyojin”, Hyojin and Keith explain to you how the Chinese zodiac signs work.

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[Ask Hyojin] Does Korea Have Horoscope?
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  • Rigo

    You guys are fun to watch

  • Petruta

    Thank you Hyojin and Keith for this awesome video!
    So..I guess I’m a 범띠 (1998)
    Love from Romania!

  • teru

    I really liked it~! Guys you are great!! 😀

  • Galya

    It was realy fun, thank you for your video. 정말 감사합니다!
    Is it correct to say 저는 닭띠 입니다 ? And how to ask someone about a zodiac sign?
    With best wishes from Russia!

    • Yes, you can say 저는 닭띠입니다, or less formally, 저는 닭띠예요. (Remember to be careful with the spacing in Korean words. The verb 이다 is always attached to a noun when it’s used in a sentence.)

      Also, to ask someone what Chinese zodiac sign they were born under, you can say 무슨 띠예요?

    • That’s correct! Good job!
      When you want to ask someone’s zodiac sign in Korean, you can say “무슨 띠예요?”.

    • 태권도_마틴_불가리아

      “무슨 띠예요?” 다른 의미가 있을 수 있어요? 태권도 띠?
      태권도나 다른 무술에 대해 말하면 이 질문을 사용할 수 있지요? 아니면, 무슨 색띠가 있냐고 물어봐야 해요.. ㅋㅋ ^_____^

    • 맞아요. 태권도 배우는 사람한테도 “무슨 띠라고 물어 볼 수 있어요”. 그런데 “태권도, 무슨 띠예요?”라고 물어 보면 되요. “무슨 색띠”라고는 잘 안 써요.
      댓글 써 주셔서 감사합니다. 🙂

    • 태권도_마틴_불가리아

      별말씀을요! ㅅ___ㅅ 저도 고마워용~!
      실수 하나를 고쳐주고 싶어요.. ㅋㅋ “라고 물어 보면 되요” –> 라고 물어 보면 돼요.
      한국인들도 ‘되; 돼’ 자주 틀리는 맞춤법이에요..

  • Rahf

    무엇을 고려 Motahajiba에있는 여자 한국?
    What the Koreans attention to the veiled women (Muslim) ؟