How NOT To Say “Please” in Korean

“Please” is a magical word that makes you sound more polite in English. How do you say “please” in Korean, then? “… 주세요”? or “제발”? Let’s look what are the more natural ways to say “please” in Korean 🙂

About this series : 
When learning a language, we all have experienced that moment when you said something with confidence because you’ve learned the expression or sentence from a book or dictionary, but your friends say it’s not how you say it. Now, don’t worry. In this video series “How NOT To Say…,” we tell you how to say the expressions or phrases you have learned, in the more natural way.

How NOT To Say “Please” in Korean
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  • Rigo

    I like these series , i first learn 제발 in songs
    Cute teachers

    • Thanks for your comment. Many foreigners leran 제발 first, I guess.

  • krishna


    nice lesson! Seonsaengnim, may i ask what is the different between “hago” and “rang”? Both have the same meaning “and”? In what specific context can i use them?

    도와주세요. 감사합니다!!!!^_^

  • Dan

    What a good idea! Wrong ways to say things that we learners pick up. Very helpful. I think European language speakers look for a word that means ‘please’ because we have difficulty understanding the agglutinative grammar of Korean. We think, oh, there must be a word, not just something you tack onto a verb. These differences are tricky. I have a friend in the States who’s helping a Korean high school kid, new arrival, with English, and his problem is that he doesn’t understand the positional grammar of English (and his teacher didn’t realize that was a problem until I told her). So it’s the flip side of our problem when learning Korean.

  • jhay

    i like this series i hope you made more video like this because it help us to use the common way of saying the words unlike of what we learn in a dictionary which is sometimes koreans dont understand.

  • Pharith

    I like this

  • minhoyuna

    how can i say “love is will, not fate”?