How NOT To Say “Take Care” in Korean

There can be more than one way to say “Take care” in Korean. How would you say it? Depending on the situation, some expressions like “잘 지내세요” or “조심하세요” can sound unnatural. Enjoy the video and find out what Kyung-hwa and Hyojin say are more natural way to say “Take care” 🙂 About this series :  When learning a language, we all have experienced that moment when you said something with confidence because you’ve learned the expression or sentence from a book or dictionary, but your friends say it’s not how you say it. Now, don’t worry. In this video series “How NOT To Say…,” we tell you how to say the expressions or phrases you have learned, in the more natural way.

How NOT To Say “Take Care” in Korean
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  • 라샨

    When would you use 건강하세요?

    • Well, I usually use the expresseion to old people when I say good bye.

  • Jessica Lombardo

    this is an AMAZING series, guys!!

  • Rigo

    Very useful , thanks

  • neil

    how can I ask Hyojin? can I ask it here? do korean have expression like
    I want to say ‘I was just lucky’, for example I got high score in anipang and my friend says wow! what a high score! and I want to say ‘I was just lucky’ and I could not do it that score again something like that thanks!

    • Greg

      I think 운 is most common for luck?
      So 운이 좋다. 그냥 운이 좋았네요.

  • Nabila

    알려줘서 감사합니다. ^^ Can I use 잘 있어요 / 잘 있으세요 ? Is it casual?

  • jhay

    please make more video like this it helps me a lot.i can say now to my korean co worker the common and most often way of saying the words