How to play 묵찌빠 [muk-jji-ppa] (a variation of Rock, Paper, Scissors)


Have you heard of the game called “묵찌빠 [muk-jji-ppa]”? It’s a variation of the Rock, Paper, Scissors (가위 바위 보) game. Kyung-hwa explains how to play 묵찌빠. Be sure to practice it with your friends or family and let us know whether you enjoyed it!

How to play 묵찌빠 [muk-jji-ppa] (a variation of Rock, Paper, Scissors)
  • Maria

    재미있네요! ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Rigo

    Really nice !

  • 시몬

    가위바위보 보다 묵찌빠가 더 재미있는 것 같아요!
    너무 흥미로워요. 감사합니다!

  • mahboobe

    Hey my friends 🙂
    how r u?
    thanks so much for the nice lessons
    I’m an Iranian girl and I’m learning Korean with my friends here
    it’s so sweet!and exciting
    I also have a Korean friend her name is Min Young
    we’ve seen some Korean dramas and we also know the singer’s band,they r all great and we like Korean people very much:-)
    kam sa ham nida
    take care and good luck

  • 아~이거 드라마에서 많이 봤어요~묵찌빠라고요? 재미있네요~
    저도 한번 해볼래요~ㅋ

  • Crystal

    여제 1N2D에 묵찌빠 봤어요. 근데 무슨 게임이 물랐어요. 지금 알아요. 감사합니다. 제 생각에는 묵찌빠이 가위바위보보다 더 재미있는데 더 어러워요.

  • godmode

    Littlebit difficult

  • Could you please explain what 묵 찌 and 뺘 actually mean. I looked them up, but the dictionary doesn’t seem to relate those terms to rock, paper, and scissors.

    이 재미있는 놀이 설명해서 감사합니다.

    • lays

      All I know is that “찌” (the counterpart of scissors in 묵찌빠) probably comes from the verb “찍다” – “to chop”.

      You can also think of it as an onomatopoeia for cutting things with scissors 🙂

  • Jose

    Really really great! The game seems a little difficult, but very very funny. It´s for smart people xD
    Seokjin’s ability to freeze face expresions is really remarkable!
    Hyojin took her revenge so seriously (I love it, it´s so funny!)
    Kyunhwa is such a ultra-gifted teacher, that makes the game look really funny and easy to understand! By the way, the green hand wand looks so cute and I loved it. (It seems to be for elementary school students YAY XD)
    I hope that there will be more episodes about this game or at least about popular games in Korea.
    Maybe you can make kinda documentaries about traditional festivals in Korea, because that way you would be teaching language as well as culture (which no online language teaching method has done until now! wow)
    This songsaen-nim team is really unstopable! Congratulations and go on! 🙂

  • 빠르게 놀으면 어려운 것 보이는데 재미있을 것 같아요! 한 번 놀어보 고 싶어요

  • Ash

    This is like a game in Malaysia! We call it Chikupak though. But we take turns to attack, play with both hands and it isn’t necessary to call out the name of the symbol on your hand. And of course, the punishment isn’t as harsh. ^^

  • Really interesting. I saw this in a drama and I was confused because had never heard of it, but now that you explain it, I get why the girls was loosing so many times in the drama “HIGH KICK”, so a variation or follow up paper scissor rock.GOOD DEAL! 고마습니다!

  • 라샨

    I have only seen this game played with more than two players. It always involves a handful of people. I have not been able to figure out how they determine a winner when there are so many people playing at the same time. And there is no punishment for losing. It seems to only be used to determine teams or who goes first in another game. The other game involves 4 sticks and moving game pieces around a game board. Anyone have any ideas how it is played with more than two people?

  • 우와 재미겠는데요~^^
    I’ll try this game~ ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Marie

    I’m still confused on how to actually play it.

  • Fred

    I know the hesitation to flick Hyojin was more a social convention than anything else, but in actuality, there would be virtually no difference between an average man and an average woman’s finger flick. In fact, because women tend to have longer and sharper fingernails than men, a woman’s flick would probably hurt more. Also, women tend to have higher tolerances to pain than men, so something sharp like a finger flick would probably hurt a man more. Then again, it’s different for everyone.

    I know this wasn’t important, but I just had to get that off my chest.

    Video was hilarious though. It looks like the greatest place to work.

  • shiela

    i dont understand

  • diana

    Hahah It’s so funny to see Hyojin beat Seokjin 🙂
    Thank you for the lesson

  • yunjae

    정말 재밌어요^^

  • Annyeong haseyo^^ This is fun!!! I think I need time to learn it^^ Thanks for sharing^^ Gamsahamnida*** I’m Malaysian~~~ Nice to meet you all here \/ @*@ \/

  • jong? lover

    문장과 멋진

  • jong? lover

    아름답고 멋진