How to pronounce “Taekwondo”

  • JW

    In America, I’ve always heard the word pronounced as 타이권도.

    After learning the Korean alphabet, I realized the pronunciation was wrong.

    Thanks for the video~

  • closet

    i’ve always said ‘tae-kwan-do’ – until i started learning korean, that is. i figure it’s the anglo-ised version.

  • Anahita (아나히타)

    In Persian we pronounce it as “Tekvando” but I knew how to pronounce it in Korean!;)
    Thanks anyway!

  • It’s pretty awesome that you took the time to make a video reply 🙂

  • 마틴

    I’m training Taekwondo! ^^ In Bulgaria we pronounce it as: 타에권도, but I knew the correct pronunciation. 비디오답을 주셔서 고마워요! ㅇㅅㅇ

  • SC

    근데 [태권도]보다 [태꿘도]처럼 들리는데요…

  • Taemin

    Indeed, SC.

    This sounded like a prime teaching moment to say “we write it 태권도, but we pronounce it 태꿘도.” (If anyone doesn’t agree, I invite them to check the nearest 국어사전.

    I thought it was especially unhelpful to say /태꿘도/ once fast, but then change the sound when saying it slowly as syllables /태.권.도/ two times and then shift back to /태꿘도/ for the final “real” reading as if they were all the same thing and all were equally correct….