[Ask Hyojin] What does 짱 mean?

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Welcome to the third lesson in the series, “Hyojin, what does it mean?”.

짱 [jjang] is already a widely-known Korean slang word. It means “best”, “top of top” or “super” in most cases and is used as a noun in sentences like this; “이거 짱이에요”. And it also means “very” or “really” as an adverb in sentences like “짱 멋있어요”. And sometimes it is used together with other short words to form some other interesting expressions such as 얼짱 or 몸짱. You should note, however, that using this word as an adverb as in 짱 멋있어요 might sound a bit out-dated. Instead, young people use other words such as 완전. No one knows for sure exactly where this slang word came from, but in this lesson, we introduce several different theories about the origin of this expression.

[Ask Hyojin] What does 짱 mean?
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  • littlelady006

    Interesting! I badly want to learn Korean. Well, there’s this slang also 깹송?What does exactly it means? ^^

    • Seokjin Jin

      Well, there is no word like 깹송. I guess you meant 캡숑 that means to be awesome, or to be cool.

    • yumin1412

      Haha you must be Exo fan. Exo members use them very often. As Baekhyun explains in Exo Showtime, you say “kkaepsong” when you feel like something is regretful or when you say something funny but it’s not interesting. Hope that help ^^

    • Britty

      Haha 깹송 is a word Baekhyun invented. It’s not a common Korean slang word unless you are EXO-L 🙂

  • jr

    listening of this is perfect

  • jr

    and you know what of listening more of that is AWESOMENESS

  • lleonard88

    Im gonna be going to a kpop concert, and want to make a fan sign. Can someone tell me if this translation expresses my thought in english.
    1. Junho’s 눈웃음 is the best! 준호의 눈웃음 짱이야!
    2. Our Emperors 눈웃음 is the best! 우리 황제의 눈웃음 짱이야!

  • Guest

    Thanks for the lesson! So the phrase “마싯쩡!” would mean something like “Tastes awesome!” right??

  • ㅋㅋㅋ

    what about 꺂장? What does that mean?