Idiomatic Expressions Sample Lesson – “까칠하다”

  • MrZay

    this website have a tagalog or Philippine version of tutorial?

  • it’s good

  • Jose

    Great, I used to be afraid of joining HaruKorean because it seems very difficult… now I feel more confident! Kyunhwa is my favorite! BTW, would I be able to get corrections about spelling and pronuntiation?

  • George Posten

    경화씨는 영어를 너무 잘 하시는군요! 저도 곧 그 정도로 한국말을 했으면 좋겠습니다.
    그런데 비디오가 왜 그렇게 까칠해요? 화면 편집 말인데 눈이 아프게 만들었어요. 여러 번 연습하고 한꺼번에 찍는 게 났지 않을까요?

  • 시혁


  • koreanindo

    I Love Talk To Me In korean

  • George Posten

    Yeah I love TTMIK too — what a great group of teachers!

    After several times of watching this video I think I have come to the conclusion that it is the video compression that makes it look somewhat jerky. I had thought that it was an editing issue but the timing seemed a little too regular. Anyway, despite a little eye strain the sound is perfectly clear.