Idiomatic Expressions Sample Lesson – “생각이 없다”

  • anna

    고맙습니다! 난 한국에 있었을때 그 표현을 자주 들었어요! 가끔 나에 대해서!

  • 시혁

    감사합니다! 그래서 ‘생각이 있다’ 어떻게 됩니까?

  • rigo

    thank you , please teach us more of those phrases

  • 헨드리

    안녕하세요 선생님, 전 헨드리 예요. 반갑습니다. 저는 한국어를 지난 달에 ttmik 에서 시작 공부했어요..  전 인천에 이년 뻔 살아요 ^_^ but i still can’t speak korean fluently hahaha, this is my first comment on ttmik.. i was so excited to learn korean in this website, because the way both of you to teach us was so funny.. and easy to learn. and 경은최 선생님 have a cute voice also ;D i found out this lesson a couple weeks ago, and it was already started at level7-chapter 20. haha so i eventually downloaded all lessons from ttmik’s website. Very good job !! for Ttmik crew!! 후아이팅!! 좋은 시간 되세요

  • Hee Lis

    You all are stunning and so professional! I can’t say enough how grateful I am and you all should be much proud participating in this vital endeavour. Thank you all!!!

  • Oh this becomes my favorite, really interesting.

  • Zulaa Naranzul

    미나 씨 여름 방학에 나랑 같이 사굴에 갈까? 음, 나는 그런 생각이 없어…그냔 집에 쉬고 시퍼요. 미안해요 수리 씨….. ???????? 맞아요?

  • Uee Shin Hye

    Thank You teacher … I really don’t have mood for eating these days
    so I’ll say it all the time!