If Korean Idioms Were Real – Episode 01

Learn everyday Korean idiomatic expressions with our new book ^^! In this video, we show you how 가슴에 못을 박다 can be used, with a little bit of imagination that the idiomatic expression actually worked literally in real life.

You can get the Everyday Korean Idiomatic Expressions book on our store (click on the image below). The book is available in both paperback and e-book format. If you want to watch all of our lessons on idioms, please [click here].

If Korean Idioms Were Real – Episode 01
  • Nelz

    Well nice will love to learn more of it

  • Satoko

    I think I need Korean transcript:o

  • idiomatic

    I am learning Korean language and these are the idioms which I don’t understand well and for the people like me this post is quite helpful.