If Korean Idioms Were Real – Episode 02

Learn everyday Korean idiomatic expressions with our new book ^^! In this video, we show you how 비행기 태우다 can be used, with a little bit of imagination that the idiomatic expression actually worked literally in real life.

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If Korean Idioms Were Real – Episode 02
  • rigo

    I heard that expression before , by the way do you guys have that book in stock ?

  • Dan

    I guess you guys don’t know the origin of this idiom. Way back in my day, it used to be “오원 짜리 비행기 태우다”. There used to be a sort of dismal zoo and amusement park back in a corner of one of the palaces, and one of the rides was an 오원 짜리 비행기 – so, cheap flattery. I did hear country people using the idiom, too, though, so maybe it came from those guys who came around with little rides mounted on bicycles – ever see one of those? Here’s a picture a friend of mine took back in the day: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2142053623238&set=oa.10150307634092855&type=3&theater

    • Hyojin

      Wow o_O I certainly have not heard of the old version of this expression. I.. think I’ve seen something like that from your photo .. in old photos. The kids in your photo (who must be my dad’s age or a little younger than him now) are super cute, btw 🙂