[Video] Simple Korean Phrase – “I like taking photos” in Korean

  • Larry

    석진 씨 좋은 카메라 있네요. 나도 패내소닉 카메라 있거든요. LX5라는 것 이여요.

    이 문장 맞나요?

    • LX5라는 것 이여요. > LX5라는 것이에요.

      사실 저는 Cannon 카메라를 더 좋아해요. : )

    • 한국말로 할때는 보통 ‘파나소닉’ 이라고 해요 ^^

  • Caddie

    저도요.^^ 석진 씨가 더 멋있나 봐요.ㅋㅋㅋ

    • sujin378


    • 감사합니다. XD

  • Naomi

    So… Sa-Jin-jjik is like “to take a photo”… And neun-geo makes it a noun…?

    • sujin378

      Right ^^

    • 사진 찍다 + ~는 것 = 사진 찍는 것

      Yes, after the verb is compounded with “~는 거”, the expression works as a noun.

      For the detail, please check this lesson. http://www.talktomeinkorean.com/lessons/level-2-lesson-19/

    • 그런데 그거는 알았지만 그냥 “-기”와 “-는 거” 차이 있어요? 영어로설명하세요 그리고 예문 문장 주세요. 엄청 감사합니다. ^_^

  • sujin378

    저는 사진 찍는 거 엄청 좋아해요!!!~~~

    • 저도 사진 찍는 거 정말 좋아해요.

  • U_U It’s really difficult ! but i’m gonna try!

  • 전 물어보고 싶은데…what is the difference between 저는 사진 찍는 것은 좋아해요 and 저는 사진 찍는 거 좋아해요 ?
    감사합니다 ^^

  • Kelly Jane Ompad

    저도 사진 찍는 거 좋아해요~
    How do I say, “Taking pictures is one of my hobbies?”

  • Kent

    These types of phrases are very helpful, so thank you.

    You can do much better than this, however. This video is a perfect example of why Korean is almost impossible to learn–because, you act like we already know it!

    Here are the problems:
    1) The phrase is said only one time
    2) It is spoken very fast
    3) No explanation of the words are given
    4) The words and the phrase are not linked into other things which would help it be more memorable.

    Some ideas for solutions:
    1) Say the phrase at least 5 or 10 time

    2) Speak it in various speeds and break the words down in to syllables to teach the pronunciation of each word and then two words together and keep adding until the whole phrase is together.

    3) Explain each word, either in English (or another language) or using body language and actions. This is a video after all!
    저는 = I
    사진 = picture
    찍는 거 = taking (the noun form of the verb)
    좋아해요. = like (literally “good-do”)

    4) Use maybe some of the words in another phrase or two, simple phrases (I like flowers, I like pictures, taking —— ).

    At the end of this process we would probably know the phrase almost without trying.

    So as you make more of these “Simple Phrase” videos, please use these ideas and we will learn much better and easier and we will love TTMIK even more!

    • It should be spoken fast. If they speak it quickly you will never actually learn how to hear and speak properly. I think a couple of other related sentences would be helpful as well as a vocabulary list, but please do not slow down.

  • AMelia

    This series will be useful, please continue >_<

  • Sarah

    These simple phrases are very useful to me, please make more of them!

  • ajsdlfjiweovlw

    Is 디카 an acronym for “digital camera” in Korean?