International Cover – 혼자가 아닌 나 by 서영은

We have our new International Cover video all edited and published now! Thank you so much everybody for participating. We hope the process of learning the lyrics and practicing singing the song was a helpful learning experience for you. We have not done this very regularly, and we probably won’t make it a very regular thing in the future, either, but we will at least try to do it more often than just once a year : ) We will post our announcement video for the next song soon, but in the meantime, sit back and enjoy the video!

You can also see the names and country of everybody who participated in this video as well as some of their social media channels by clicking here ( and checking out the description of the video on YouTube. 감사합니다!

International Cover – 혼자가 아닌 나 by 서영은
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  • Rach

    Where can I learn Korean in Malaysia? I’m interested

  • A Guest

    와~ This is really good! Everyone did such a good job on this International cover. Unfortunately, my schedule was kind of busy but, I’ll try to join next time.
    And as always, thankyou so much to the teachers of Talk to Me in Korean for making Korean learning easy.
    정말 감사합니다~ ^^

  • tom.berdl

    우와 좋은 노래!

  • Ahlem

    Hey every one 😀 ! how can i send my video plz ?!! 😉 Thanx