Interview #2 – Emily Johnson

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In this episode of Talk To Me In Korean, we interviewed Emily Johnson, who is from the States and came to Korea for a visit for the first time. Emily speaks fluent Korean without having studied it in Korea before, so we asked her to share her story. The day of the interview happened to be her last day in Korea, so we want to give our special thanks to Emily for spending her precious time with us! Thank you Emily! Have a safe trip back home!

Interview #2 – Emily Johnson
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  • Wow, well done to her ^^. Is Emily still around on the site?
    This makes me want to study even harder haha. I need to find some Korean people in England :).

  • Emily is such an inspiration! I started learning Korean about 2 years ago, but stopped for a really long time because I had to focus on learning another language at school (Spanish), and now that there’s a month left of summer, I thought I’d give it another try. But honestly even when I do watch a lot of Korean dramas and listen to a lot of Kpop, I still don’t know that much. I just came across this website today and it is so helpful! After listening to this interview I feel more motivated to keep learning, it would be great if I could get Emily’s contact info so maybe she can help me out a little? Thanks.

  • Cristine

    Yeah I actually saw her 2 years ago from somewhere… she’s really good. Amazing amazing ^ ^

  • Dameka

    That’s so cool! It sounds like me…. I started watching K-dramas and got really interested in learning Korean. Though my family/friends only shake their heads and say “Why?”, it only made me want to learn it even more. I love the language and culture and it has become somewhat of a passion to learn. I have a Korean friend, books, and online videos (such as this one) to help, but can’t find an instructor. Good for you Emily! One day I’ll become fluent enough and visit Korea as well. Also, I am loving this site! 🙂

    • Rich

      Hey I am also learning korean too. Check out they have free classes(videos) and it’s kind of a class room setting.

  • Yvette

    Great interview! Thanks so much Emily and Hyunwoo Sun!

  • ja-nelly

    Im sorry but i had to point out yall were flirting at the end lol ♥ but anyway. Im finally resuming my korean studies and im back to the first lessons. Hopefully i can learn more and be fluent like emily some day and travel to seoul! I bet she speaks native by now lol. I hope i can stick with this. Its a dream of mine to be able to fluenlltly speak korean. My problem is that i get frustrated easily.

  • MiMi

    Wow! Emily you’re amazing. Your interview is really inspired me. I’ve just started to learn Korean and found that this site helps me a lot. Thanks very much

  • Kian

    Actually, how much time do I as a foreigner have to take for good communication in Korean?

    I just take a little day. But I will learn it deeply.

    Kamsahamnida …

    Kian, Jakarta

  • Romina Jara

    What an inspiration! Emily is fantastic. Despite i’m learning English, i’m learning Korean too and i have to thank u guys for posting this kind of interviews…. it’s really inspiring…. Can i get Emily’s email? It would be perfect talk to her about the doubts that i have…

    kisses from both of you from Chile!
    and again thank u for teaching us this gorgeous language!

  • khawlashinhye

    need to make a friendship with some korean pple in morocco .. if i find them :// .. i’d love to lurn this language i looove ittt .. thank you guys you helped me so damn much <3 감사합니다!

    • Thanks so much for your comment. I am so pleased to read your comment.

  • Miich Semafranca Byun

    WAAAAH!!~ This site is DAEBAK! I’m learning a lot 😀 ^^ Want to have some Korean friends 🙂

  • Bagus Aji Santoso

    Any translation with this interviews? I want to know to how Emily learn Korean.

  • Sahar Min Seok

    How do i find any korean speaking people near me ㅠ.ㅠ

  • Dora Yang

    안녕하세요!! 저는 일본어하고 한국어를 거의 동시 공부 시작했는데 한국어만 좋아졌고 일본어는 …뭐 대화는 저혀 못해요. 저도 Emily처럼 한국 친구랑 한국말로 얘기하고있는데 왠지 한국에 계신 한국 분이와 통화할 때 좀 자심감 없어지는것 같아요ㅋㅋㅋ말이 잘 할 수 있어도 안 나온 느낌인것 같아요ㅜ
    그나저나 일본어한테 별 관심없는거 아니지만, 역시나 제가 보고있는 예능나 듣고있는 노래도 한국꺼(?)니까 더 잘 할 수 있다도 되나요ㅋ? 앞으로도 즐겁게 한국어를 열공하겠습니다! TTMIK 팟케스트 계속 듣고있어요!! 나중에 꼭 만나요!
    한글을 사랑하는 캐나다사람 보냄

    • KyungHwa Sun

      더 많이 하면 할수록 자신감이 생기고 자연스러워질 거예요. 화이팅! 🙂

  • Alice Star

    Emily – this interview really helped me. I fluctuate between the excitement / frustration of knowing/not knowing Korean. I have been going about it the same way as you and this interview helped me feel confident that I should just proceed and keep it up!