Interview #6 – Austin Davidsen

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안녕하세요 여러분. We are back with another interview. This time 현우 sat down to talk with 오스틴 (Austin), who lived in Korea for two years as an elementary school English teacher in Seoul. And this time, he visited Korea on a trip that is a part of the business course at Portland State MIM (visit the blog here). Listen in to hear about his experiences in Korea and also about the business degree program that Austin is taking. Thank you Austin once again!

Interview #6 – Austin Davidsen
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  • Forget_About_Me

    Thank you! I enjoyed all your interview specials. They give me a lot of interesting tips how to learn Korean in a more effective way and with pleasure! English is also foreign for me, so interviews are a very good pratice!
    I’ve got few questions. Is there any opportunity to get Korean subtitles for dramas and films in the internet? I prefer to watch them without any translation and Korean subs can help a lot.
    Also I wanted to ask if it is possible to find examples of TOPIK tests in the internet? It’s not for me though. My friend asked me.

    • Gabywonie

      This is the web site of TOPIK here you can download the previous tests and practice with them.

    • Hey ~~
      You can try using http://www.mysoju,com (they have Korean and Japanese movies with English subtitles). Enjoy!!

    • Forget_About_Me

      Thanks! But I don’t need English subtitles. I’ve got plenty of them. I need Korean =(

    • Kevin Manley

      Korean Movie Subtitles:
      you have to type the title in hangul. I don’t always know the Korean title so I go to Wikipedia, look up the English title and then find the Korean one.

  • Megumitch

    His pronunciation is really really good.I envy him. T_T…

    He’s really good…

    • You can be like him soon 🙂 화이팅!

    • Megumitch

      I look forward to that. Aja!

  • rigo

    Hello there ,very interesting
    amazing fluency , is it possible to reach that level in just 2 years lliving in Korea ?
    have a good day

    • 🙂 I think it all depends on how much time and concentrated effort you can actually invest into practicing Korean while living in Korea.

    • @rigo~

      I guess anything is possible! The key for me was trying to speak Korean as much as possible. When I was teaching, I had to speak English all day long, but outside of the classroom, I did everything I could to speak Korean exclusively whenever I could.

      Also, don’t be afraid to make mistakes!!!!!!

  • i really enjoyed listening to this interview~ Austin seems to have had a similar experience to me, where we really enjoyed our first experience in Korea, so much so that we came back for a second year of teaching!
    His Korean skills are really good, he sounds very fluent and confident! It’s inspiring !!
    Thank you for sharing, as always.

    • Glad you enjoyed the interview, Kerri 🙂

  • Ingrid

    Thanks a lot for the interview!!! I enjoyed a lot a lot!!! I would like to know if there is a way to contact with David, i would like to know about the studies and also about his work in Corea.

    Thanks again!!!

  • Wan

    현우 흉, 이남자가 정말 홓아요. 그는 한극말을 너무 좋아요. 저는 그를 사랑해요~ just kidding, but he’s good… 🙂

  • 여러분! 오스틴입니다

    잘 들려주셨서 고맙습니다! Thanks for listening! I appreciate your comments!


    • Wan

      야, 오스틴씨. 방갑워요. 😉

  • may

    I’m from Portland!! well actually, a suburb nearby 🙂
    The program you talked about MIM sounds really interesting- I’m going to go read that blog now~

    • @may

      GREAT! The MIM is a really great program. If you can make it, please come to an information session on campus April 28th @ 6PM! I’ll be there, and you’ll get to hear a lot more specifics.

      Check the blog, or visit

  • Daniel K

    Interesting to hear your experiences as a person who’s both “post-Korea” and “post-Korean public elementary school.” I just started my second year at my Korean public elementary school, and I’m wondering how the rest of this year is going to go… and what’s going to happen afterwards, too! Thanks for sharing! 😀

  • jolyn

    I think elementary school kids will have a greater interest in the English language when they are taught by good teachers like 오스틴, since interest is the most important thing needed to persevere in the learning of a language.

    Its nice to hear that you made the effort to fly to korea to attend the kids’ graduation ceremony. It shows how close your relationship with them is.

    This podcast is one of the rare ones I’m able to hear from the teacher’s point of view.

    잘 들었어요. ^^

  • walk2hell

    Hello Austin~ Your Korean pronunciation is very impressive. Keep working~! You’re gonna be best~

  • It certainly is fun to hear how fluent you have become in Corean! You know who would be SO proud of your “reverse engineering!”

  • 감사합니다 Austin, you make it inspiring to pursue Korean. You sound comfortable and confident with Korean. Thanks for taking the time to do the interview.


  • Galinaros

    How much he picked up in two years is quite impressive. I’m sure plenty here are envious… nice job 😀

  • yads

    감사합니다 Austin and Hyunwoo. *bows*

  • Jaiden

    Austin, when did you start learning korean and what were
    the most hardest things for you to learn it?

  • Ray

    Enjoyed this interview with Austin. I plan on doing my MBA in Korea while learning the language at the same time. Thank you for the inspiration!