Interview #8 – Steven Wilson

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안녕하세요! Welcome to another episode of Interview by In this interview, Hyunwoo sat down with Steven Wilson from Canada to talk about his life and studying experiences in Korea. Steven is back in Canada as this is being posted, but he was here in Korea for almost a year studying at 서울시립대학교, and became very close friends with all the members of the team at TTMIK. Now listen in to find out what it was like for him to live in Korea as an exchange student for a year and how he studied Korean.

Thank you Steven for being such an awesome friend for all of us, and also for taking the time to make this interview possible even though you were very busy getting ready to go back to Canada. And thank you everyone for your continued support!


Interview #8 – Steven Wilson
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  • 자유

    Steven씨를 동영상에서 뵌 것 같은데요.
    한국에서 공부할 수 있는 것을 아주 부러워요!!

    한국에 한번만 가 봤어요. 너무 좋아해요 🙂
    음식을 맛있고 경치도 아름다워요.

    ㅋㅋ Steven씨가 학교에서 유명한 사람이예요.
    재미있군요. 학교에서 친구를 많이 사귀었어요?
    저도 한국에서 한국말을 공부하고 싶어요.

    형우선생님 한국에 어느 학교의 어학당이 제알 유명합니까?
    추천해 주세요. 🙂
    어학당에서 공부하면 장학금을 신청할 수 있습니까?

    Thank’s for making this interview.

    • 우와~! 자유 씨 한국어 정말 잘하세요! 스티븐만큼 잘하는 것 같아요 🙂

      제 생각에 한국에서 요즘 가장 인기가 있는 어학당은 연세대하고 서울대 어학당인 것 같아요. 근데 어떤 어학당이 제일 좋은지는… 사실 아무도 모르는 것 같아요. ^^

    • 자유

      네, 현우 선생님 감사합니다.
      ㅋㅋ 기회가 있으면 꼭 한국에 갈 거예요!!

      티티믹에서 한국어 많이 배웠어요.
      제가 대만사람이에요. 거기에 한국어도 배우고 있어요.
      한국의 어학당에 가고 싶은데 지금 일해야 돼요…
      아직 바빠서 한국에 가지 못했어요.

      티티믹의 선생님들 아주 감사합니다.
      저도 계속 열심히 공부할 거예요!!!

      BTW thanks for your suggestions 🙂

  • Great interview with a fellow Canuck. Steven, I’m not sure which part of Canada you’re from, but if you’re in either of the 3 big cities, there’s lots of opportunities to practice.

    • steven

      I’m from Calgary. But for some reasons there are still tonnes of Koreans to practice with. 🙂

    • Is it possible to practice Korean in Montreal?

  • Very interesting, thanks a lot! 🙂

  • rigo

    wow amazing korean , i would like to know how long has Steven been studying korean ?

    • Steven

      I learned 한글 in November 2007. So it has been just over 2.5 years I think.

      But you could learn way faster or slower depending on a lot of things. 😀

  • daniela

    Steven speaks Korean so well! And he studied in Seoul…wow! That’s my dream (ha ha). Really interesting and helpful interview. Thanx!

    • Yes, his Korean is really good and he studied really hard too! 🙂 Hope you can come to study here in Seoul soon! Thanks for listening to the interview!

  • 혜진

    thanks so much for this interview! it actually helped a lot! i’m trying to figure out which school to go to when i go to Korea, so this interview helped me so very much!

  • Just wanted to leave a comment, telling you guys: You are awesome! Ever since this website went online, I’ve made it my ritual in the morning, to drink coffee and listen to you guys..
    In about 2 months I’m coming to Seoul, and then I would love to meet up and bring a gift from Germany. Just to show you how grateful I am for all this good work.

    By the way, Steven’s Korean is amazing! I already choose which university I’m going to go though, but thank-you for the tips 🙂

    Cheers Niciseoul

  • hey ~~ great interview you guys! steven, nice to meet you!! 반가워요! 나도 캐나다 사람 이예요.
    i wanted to study at Konkuk university this summer, but i ended up staying here in toronto. has anyone heard much about the programs there?

  • 미경

    아이고~~~ 스티븐 사진 너무 귀여워 >ㅂ<

    • Gabywonie

      나도 그렇게 생각해요 ㅋ

  • ingrid

    Thanks for the interview!! really interesting… where can i contact steven i would like to know more…

    • Steven

      Right here!

  • 우와~! 한국어 잘 하시네요! ^^ 잘 들었어요!

    현우 오빠도 인기가 많잖아요! ㅎㅎ 한국어를 공부하고 있는 사람이라면 거의 다 오빠와 다른 선생님들을 알 거예요 ^^

    i do agree that it’s harder to learn korean in those short summer programs! most people would be busy playin xD the korean classes are shorter compared to the regular programs in the 어학당. thus we don’t learn that much content wise ^^

    heh i agree that foreigners who speak korean get quite alot of freebies 😀

    • ㅎㅎㅎ 언젠가는 모두가 우리들을 알게 되는 날이 올 거야. 하지만 아직은 모르는 사람들도 많이 있어 ^_^

  • Aud

    did you go to the university on a scholarship or is everything paid for on your own? around how much did it cost for your whole education there? 🙂

  • steven

    the first time I went to Korean I paid for 2 courses (about $1000) and got a total of $1650 from my Canadian school and the Korean school I went to. $1000 study abroad bursary from my Canadian university, $500 plane ticket reimbursement from the Korean school, and $150 to pay for half of a school field trip to Japan. I would have received the $1000 the second time I came if I had not received it the first. the other money was only for the summer program.

    I had to pay tution to my university for 4 courses each semester. about $2000. each month, even during winter and summer breaks i got 400 000won from the korean university. I so I got 11×400 000 = 4 400 000won. in total from that. and paid a total of $4000 to my university in tuition.

    so in total i spent $4000 on tuition. 1 550 000won on the dormitory for10.5 months. 100 000won for transport and food on the go when I went to Busan. 600 000won on a 4 day trip to jejudo. I had to live in a not so good guesthouse for the last ten days, that was $200. avg of $15 per day on food I think. and then up to $1500 on clubbing, fancy drinking taxis, ect… I bought regular books written in english, 15 books at $20 a piece. coffee shops are $4 a drink. internet cafes $1.25 per hour. $50 per month for cell phone.

    in total I brought $5000 more dollars into Korea. so i spent $9400 on everything but tuition for one year. but you could pay thousands less by not going out so much or slightly more because my dormitory was cheaper than market value. 🙂

    the monthly money i received was called a scholarship, but it was not based on any achievement.

    • which school u study in korea? u still in korea???

  • Daniel K

    우와 Steven 씨가 한국말 발음이 완벽하네요. 현우 씨가 Steven 씨를 이미 소개해 주지 않았다면 Steven을 한국인으로 착각했을 거에요. 인터뷰가 한국말로 더 녹음됐으면 좋겠어요.

    저도 한국말을 할 줄 알아서 그런지 공짜로 많이 받아요. 몇 달 전에 에어컨 리모콘이 고장났어요. 삼성전자 A/S센터에 가서 아저씨에게 문제를 한국말로 설명해 줬어요. 아저씨가 원칙으로 리모콘을 공짜로 교체해 주지 않는데 손님이 외국인이니까 무료로 교체해 주겠다고 했어요. 😀

    • 사실 말이 잘 통하지 않아서 그렇지 외국인들을 보면 도와주려는 한국 사람들이 많은 것 같아요.

      저도 얼마 전에 지하철에서 머뭇거리는 외국인이 있길래 왜 그런지 물어보고 도와준 일이 있었어요.

      남을 돕는다는 것은 항상 기분좋은 일인것 같아요.

  • Ashley

    Thank you for this interview, it was helpful.

  • Ashley

    (Continued) Can I have some of the information on the school that you went to? Thanks.

    • I remember he studied in the University of Seoul, which is called 서울시립대.

  • zarim

    i like to learn Korean .i don’t know how i can learn it.
    could you please help me?

    • We are here to help you and provide basic Korean lessons for free through this web site so I hope you will listen to the lessons. ^^

      Of course please leave us a comment if you have any questions.

  • Karen

    Wow! Your Korean is very impressive! It’s really neat to hear a fellow Canadian share about their experiences in Korea. This has really inspired me to practice & study harder. Thanks for the post, and keep up the fantastic work TTMIK Team! 😀

  • Harry Chapin Fan

    Impressive indeed that he’s learned so much in so little time! I only wish I had the brainpower to learn this quickly.