Iyagi #103 / 싫어하는 음식 / Foods You Hate / Natural talk in 100% Korean

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What food do you not like? And why do you not like that food? Or are you a type of person who loves food and doesn’t hate any food as Seokjin? 😉 Listen to Hyojin and Seokjin talk about foods they hate and let us know what food you hate the most!

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Iyagi #103 / 싫어하는 음식 / Foods You Hate / Natural talk in 100% Korean
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  • happyvirus

    I remember when I was a kid, I had a hard time eating salted eggs. -_- I was spending my summer with my auntie, uncle, and cousins and on that fateful dinner, they served salted eggs. It was my first time to eat it. If I were staying at home, I won’t dare to try it but since I had no choice, I had to try it. For the whole night, I just stored the salted egg on the side of my mouth. I could not swallow it. It went on until after dinner. Hahaha! Eventually, I was able to swallow it. Now, I can eat it. 😀 I must say that it’s an acquired taste.

  • Thanks for the awesome Iyagi series. But it has been a long wait for Level 8 lessons. When can we have lesson-1, level 8 ?

  • Alex

    Has anybody finished all of the lessons up until this point? I’d really like to know how much Korean I’d learn by doing all of these! I plan on doing a sort of “self-immersion” kind of thing (no English whatsoever for a certain period of time every day), and I want to know how long it will take me to be comfortable doing that if I use TTMK.

  • George Posten

    내가 제일 싫어하는 한식은 바로 번데기에요. 번데기 냄새도 고약하고 맛도 쓰고 생김새마저 징그럽단 말이에요. 어~~ 산낙지도 못 먹겠어요.. 구역질 나. 그런데 이상하게도 난 청국장찌개 무척 좋아하거든요.

    수고들 하세요

  • Gabriela Bernal

    번데기! 어떻게 그런 거 먹을 수 있어요? @_@
    제가 싫어하는 음식은 고기나 해물 들어가는 음식들이에요.
    제일 좋아하는 음식은 비빔밥! 😀

  • Kristina

    전 김치가 맛이없는거같아요 생김치는 맛있는데 묵은지는 제 입맛에 별로 맞질않네요 근데 불고기는 달짝지근한게 밥하고 비벼먹으면 최고에요

  • Matthew

    한국의 고구마 아주 맛있는데 미국의 고구마 너무 달콤하니까 먹기 싫어요. 반대로 미국의 옥수수 진짜 맛있지만 한국의 옥숫수 너무 말라서 잘 못 먹어요. 또 한국 사람 중에서 추어탕 싫어하는 사람 많지만 난 한달에 한번 만쯤 먹어면 맛있어요. 그 정도보다 더 자주 먹어면 내 새각에 나도 발리 싫게 될 거예요.

  • 저는 이상한 음식을 좋아하는 사람이에요… 먹어봤는 음식 중에서 거의 다 괜찮았어요. 한국 음식도 다른 음식도 다 괜찮았어요. 가끔 기분이 때문에 어떤 것을 먹고 싶지 않는데 못 먹는 음식이 별로 없어요. 근데… 번데기 아직 안 먹어봤어요… 냄새 때문에 먹어보기만 싫어요 ㅋㅋㅋ