Iyagi #6 – 남자들의 이야기 (= Guys’ talk) / Natural talk in 100% Korean

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This is 이야기 episode #6. This series is for intermediate learners and in 이야기, we have two or more people talking about a topic in 100% Korean, while using easier vocabulary and talking at a slower pace than usual. In this episode, 선현우 and 진석진 are talking about what Korean men usually talk about when they get together. Enjoy the lesson and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask us in the comment for the lesson!

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Iyagi #6 – 남자들의 이야기 (= Guys’ talk) / Natural talk in 100% Korean
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  • Tze Lim

    thanks for the interesting topic hyunwoo and seokjin.

    yeah you are right. guys usually have very short phone conversation and very seldom if any. probably just to let the other person know where to meet and that’s it. just like both of you did. sometimes we even sms and tell that person what time we’re coming to fetch. haha. we usually talk when we meet up at some place. the exception is when we cannot meet up then we will usually keep in touch via chatting rather than talk on the phone. it is a little weird to talk to another guy on the phone for hours. lol!

    i think the topics we talk about are quite similar but these depend on our personalities and our age too. i think chinese guys from malaysia usually talk about work, soccer, women, computer games and anime. however, computer games and anime are only for certain people who are interested in those stuff. i was a ‘game geek’ so you can tell how boring i would be unless you are interested too. hahaha. sometimes we also talk about what we want to do or buy in the future but not very often.

    korean guys are not into soccer, computer games or anime?? i think baseball is probably more popular in korea but i’m sure some koreans are super gamers. hahaha.

    • Many Koreans are also into soccer so much. As Worldcup period is coming closer, many people begins to have interests in it.

      Actually, nowaday, baseball is rather preferred in Korea but Soccer is still famous sports.

    • Tze Lim

      actually i became more familiar with korea after the world cup in 2002 held in korea and japan at that time. winter sonata drama was aired during that time as well. there was a korean craze. hahaha. i visited korea after the world cup and visited the stadium too but i missed cheju island.. i didn’t even dare to speak a word of korean at that time. >..<

    • Tze Lim

      now i’m trying to speak korean whenever i can. like the saying goes ‘the only man who makes no mistakes is the man who never does anything’. so i’m making some mistakes but hopefully not too many. haha.

      i was crazy about soccer too at one time. i think i’m more of a midfield defender. hehe

    • “the only man who makes no mistakes is the man who never does anything.”
      Wow this is a very good golden saying.

      I like it.

      I rather play as a left wing in soccer match.

    • Tze Lim

      yup. we are humans so we make mistakes but hopefully most of the decisions we make in life are the right ones.. hehe

      left wing? so you are left footed? as in your left leg is your dominant leg. i’m right footed. hehe. we better not use TTMIK as a chat page. LOL

      look forward to the world cup!

  • Shir

    Brazilian men usually talk about soccer, women and beverages when they get together.

    • Wow interesing!! I understand the talks about soccer and women, but which beverages do you talk a lot?

      Because Brazil is always nominated to the winner, I think that almost Brazillian is waiting for Worldcup.

    • Layny

      They talk about beer, caipirinha, cachaça or anything that can get them drunk. xD

      Yes! Most of Brazilian is waiting for WorldCup. We are very excited.
      I am woman and love football.^^

    • We call the style of Brazilian soccer play the “Samba soccer”.

      I can’t wait to see it again!

    • Shir

      Oh, I hope that Brazilian Team can do something good.

      By the way, I am Shir and Layny too (see my comment in your profile). 🙂

  • Tze Lim: A lot of Korean guys are into computer games, especially Starcraft. I’m not too sure about football though. They seem to really like football whenever a World Cup is coming up but their own league is quite unpopular by European standards. So football is popular in Malaysia?

    Shir: Sounds familiar ^^

    • >They seem to really like football whenever a World Cup is coming up

      Yes, you’re right. Although Korean soccer league (K-league) is not unpopular than EPL now, I think it is getting popular slowly.

    • Tze Lim

      yeah starcraft! starcraft 2 is coming out! like i said i used to be a game geek but not anymore. my computer is too lousy.. haha

      i’m sure there are koreans who are really into football aspiring to be like Park Jisung.. 🙂 at least korea has qualified to enter the world cup which some countries will never get a chance to show up in the world cup. is it because of korean ginseng?

      football is like every guy’s topic in malaysia. most of us follow the english premier league (EPL) but i’m not a fan of the english clubs although there are some players whose skills I really admire like Beckham. lol. i support italy! haha. probably because i like their defensive teamwork as i usually play the midfield defender position. boring i know but teamplay is the core of any sport.

    • Shir

      Park Jisung is a famous player in Korea. I’ll hope that South Korea has good performance, especially against Argentina. 😀

  • Kevin Manley

    선선생님, 진선생님, 안녕하세요.
    이야기를 줘 셔서 감사합니다.
    네, 나도 동의해요. 남자끼리 있으면 대부분 예쁜 여자 대한 이야기 많이 해요.
    나는 카나다 사람 이에요. 카나다 이나 한국에서 카나다 친구끼리 모이면 특별한 과거 이야기 해요. 즉 난처한 처지 대한 이야기 해요.
    왠지, 나는 실수하는데 난처한 상황 되면 1달, 2달 후에 친구들에게 이야기를 알 주 고 싶어요.
    이유 잘 모르겠지만 재 생각에 카나다 사람들은 일반 적으로 너무 오만한 사람들이 안 입니다. 그래서 아무리 난처해 도 재미있는 이야기를 나누고 싶어요.
    보기를 들면:

    I have a lot of friends from different countries, but in my experience it would be another Canadian who would hear a story like that and respond with their own (even more embarrassing) story.
    Maybe my friends and I just make more mistakes than average people.

    • Kevin Manley

      It looks like the link I put in that post didn’t work (I tried to do a video response like was recommended in the podcast)
      here’s another try: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xl8cZDqoqgU

    • @Kevin Manley
      Thanks for your video and comment. I also like to share my embarrasing stories with my friends.

      Although several people I met are not likely to say their stories but many Korean people I met also likes to talk their special stories, especially when we drink alchole. 🙂

      Although I am not drinking alchole, let me share my embarrasing story.
      When I was young, I went to a beach which is far from my hometown. While I was playing in the water, I felt something in my hand. I thought it was a woman’s hand and I wanted to take her out of the beach.
      However, I was really surprised when I saw it. There was a really big fish in my hand.

      If you don’t mind, I would like to adjust some wrong Korean expressions.
      However, I can say that your Korean is really good.
      이야기를 줘 셔서 감사합니다 → 이야기를 해주셔서 감사합니다.
      즉 난처한 처지 대한 이야기 해요. → 즉, 난처한 처지에 대한 이야기해요.
      나는 실수하는데 난처한 상황 되면 → 나는 실수하고 난처한 상황 되면
      이야기를 알 주 고 싶어요. → 이야기를 알려 주고싶어요
      재 생각에 카나다 사람들은 일반 적으로 너무 오만한 사람들이 안 입니다.
      → 제 생각에 카나다 (We rather say 캐나다, but it doesn’t matter) 사람들은
      일반적으로 남의 시선을 신경쓰는 사람들이 아닙니다.

      When you say 오만한, the meaning is easy to be accepted as “to be rude”.
      So I adjust it into “남의 시선을 신경쓰는 (who cares others view )

    • Kevin Manley

      @ Jin Seok Jin
      아~ 다시한번 나는 실수했어요. ㅎㅎ
      감사합니다. 나는 기본적인 문법 과 한국어발음가 잘 못해서 실제로 아직 초보자 인것같아요.
      선생님, 재미있는 물고기 이야기를 해주셔서 감사합니다.
      그리고 나도 동의해요. 남자끼리는 술가 있으면 하고 여자가 없으면 시선을 신경쓰지않게 난처한 처지에 대한 이야기해요.

      (오랫 전에 ‘오만 과 편견’를 한국으로 읽었서 오만 = pride 라고 생각이 있었어요.
      I have a lot of funny embarrassing stories about my mistakes in Korean, which -now that I think of it- I usually tell to my guy friends over beers)

    • Everyone, watch the video response by Kevin here.

    • Wan

      현우 형, 비디요가 좋아요. 그는 한극어를 말 수 있어요~ 😉

  • 쉐런

    정말 재….미있었어요!
    여자로서 남자이야기에 대한 듣고 나서 정말 정말 재미있어요! 이 웹페이지 정말 추천할 만 해요! 앞으로 날마다 여기 올게요!!

    • 재밌게 들어주셔서 감사합니다! 😀

  • ingrid

    i really like 이야기!!!! And i think like women, man talk about the same in any part of the world, isn’t that amazing!!!!

    I got a question for you guys, i was wondering since you man talk about woman, i don’t know if so often as we do about man(hahaha), tell me what does a Korean man look for a woman? I think i have been watching so many doramas hahaha, so i have the feeling that relationships between for example a korean man and an european girl is kind of difficult? what do you think?

    • I can’t say on behalf on Korean men since I’m not one of them. But I think ordinary Korean men like shorter and smaller women than themselves. They sometimes get intimidated by taller and bigger women. That could be a reason that not many Korean men are dating western women. I’ve also heard that western women are not easily attracted by Asian men unless it’s Rain. (Even if I’m not so sure about this either. Is he seriously popular out there?)

    • ingrid

      Youngbin ssi, i think korean man are really tall, well at least the ones i had seen or read about it, but maybe they like more the asian girls???? because 1.84cm for example is tall and good for me!
      Maybe some korean man here can tell us…

      About the Asian man, well since i have been watching and interacting with people who likes doramas and korean music, i have seen that western and particulary latinoamerican girls like Korean man… and yes i had heard about Rain and other really interesting actors and singers from Korea, particularly i like Jang Keun suk!

      But i don’t know about the popularity, but the korean guys have a lot of funs out here!!

    • matinga

      I think the idea that western women are not attracted to Asian men is a serious myth. Asian men do not have to look like Rain to be attractive to western women….time to put that myth to sleep.

    • Youngbin-ssi, I think that’s a stereotype. Almost all the North American women I know who worked in Korea spent at least some time dating Korean men, or could have if they’d been single. Three of them ended up marrying their Korean boyfriends, and that’s out of a fairly small social circle. It’s more common for Western men to date Korean women, but it does go the other way, too.

  • 부라이언

    If we’re talking about cute singers I’d say that Sulli from f(x) is pretty easy on the eyes.

  • Esther

    6번째 이야기를 잘 들었어요~
    근데 궁금하게 있는데 남자들도 뒷담화를 하나요?
    또한 이번 이야기의 제목은 “남자들의 이야기”라고 하는데 혹시 “남자들의 수다” 라는 말도 사용하나요?

    • 안녕하세요 Esther,

      물론 남자들도 뒷담화를 합니다. 하지만 자주하지 않아요.

      >또한 이번 이야기의 제목은 “남자들의 이야기”라고 하는데 혹시 “남자들의 수다” 라는 말도 사용하나요?

      네, “남자들의 수다” 라는 말도 쓸 수 있고, 아주 자연스러운 표현이예요.

  • I think it would be extremely helpful if you picked 10 words or expressions from your Iyagi Lessons and explain them or translate them to English at the end of the PDFs. I don’t know what others think about it but this way I would actually learn a lot more. I’m not the best one to talk to about this though because my Korean is not intermediate.

  • 지혜

    그렇군요 역시 여자랑남자 차이있어요

    • 그런 것 같아요. ㅋㅋㅋ

      설마 이건 앞으로도 쭉—– 차이 있을까요? ㅋㅋㅋ

  • wangari

    Although i’m not a guy,wat you guys said is right. Boys talk about work, girls they cant have, and the recent gadgets. I do believe that guys can have a deeper conversation if they wanted to.

  • Daniel K

    남자들은 약속에 대한 전화할 때 30초를 안 넘는 통화가 흔하죠. 그런데… 여자들이 이런 전화할 때도 그 정도가 아닐까요? 그냥 몇 시, 장소, 뭐 할 것을 확인하는 것이죠.

    그래도 남성의 짧은 통화가 유명해요! 약속 확인할 때 빼고 남자들이 자주 서로 전화해 주지 않죠! 🙂

    • 물론 짧게 할 때도 있어요. 😀

      하지만, 바로 1시간 후에 만날 때도, 10분 후에 만날 때도 전화가 길어질 수 있어요. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

      그게 여자? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • 안녕하세요 선생님들!
    저는 열심히 코맨트 남았지만 샌생님들이 대답하지 않아요 ㅠㅠ 왜요? 그 이야기 늙었어요? ^^

    러시아에서 남자들이도 빨리 빨리 전화 통화해요. 보도통 1분동안 이야기하고도 전화 이야기 싫어요.
    그리고… 남자들끼 어떤 이야기를 하는지 잘 몰라요 ^^ 저는 여자니까… ~.~

    • 하하 저는 예전에 여자와 30분 넘게 통화하는 것이 싫었었는데, 지금은 그 때가 그리워요.

      댓글에 답을 못 해줘서 미안해요, 하루에도 많은 코멘트에 답을 하는데 조금 어려운 코멘트는 시간이 좀 걸려요. ㅠ..ㅠ

      이해해 주실거죠?

  • 네~ 알겠어요~ 미안해요 ㅠㅠ 그리고도 이상에. 저는 선생님에게 대답 못 해요 “reply button” 없어요 ㅠㅠ
    —–> http://www.ljplus.ru/img4/l/i/limm/1.JPG

  • 저랑 친한친구들 모이면 주로 여자들도 술을 같이 마시는 다음 계획도 스포즈 대한 이야기도 해주고 받아요. 전 여행을 많이 하니까 여행 경험들과 세계의 목적지에 관계있는 조언을 자주 이야기하고 특히 그 나라의 여자들 이야기를 나눠고요 ㅋㅋ

  • I really hate phone conversations so mine are usually even shorter than that XD.

    Hmmm English guys (or at least the ones that I know) usually talk about sport – football mostly – and girls. That’s pretty much it haha ^^.

  • Shannon

    재 남자친구 항상 친구랑 축구 이야기를 해요~

  • Cécile

    Hi guys!

    Thank you for your 이야기 lesson, it’s always a pleasure to learn with you!

    Actually I have a question for 진석진 씨, I was wondering if you were from Busan or somewhere in the south; I have the feeling your intonation are just a bit different from other teachers (but maybe it’s just me xD) ^^ Anyway, your voice makes me think of CN Blue Yonghwa! haha

    Keep up the good work!!

    • CN Blue Yonghwa??? Oh.. no.. please don’t lie.

      Actually, I was born in Pohang, South Gyeongsang province so I have a very strong dialect accent.

      Nowadays, I am trying to change my tone but it is not that easy. 🙁

  • 이야기 잘 들렀어요!
    남자들 모이면 주로 무슨 이야가해요?
    나는 나의 친구들이랑 가끔씩 영화나 티비 이야기해요. 가까운 친구랑 가끔씩 어떤 사람 되고 싶은 말해요.
    선생님들, 한국어 궁금한것 있어요.
    내가 남자예요. 나의 친구가 남자예요. 우리가 남자친구예요? 그 관계 어떻께 말해요? 영어로 “boyfriend” 다른 뜻이 있잖아요, ㅋㅋㅋ
    하지만 가끔씩 여자는 그냥 친구랑 “girlfriend” 해도되요.

  • Nora

    석진 씨 와 현우 씨 같이 이야기 하는 것 처음 이다 ~ 이 이야기는 재미있을거야 알아서정말 먼저 듣고 싶었는 데 이야기의 레슨들 순서대로 들었어요 ~
    남자들은 먼저 수다 떠는 것 안 좋다고 항상 말해는 다음에 남자들은 모으면 하루 동안 수다 떨을 수도 있잖아요? 전화 통화 말고 커피 당에 이나 친구의 집에 모으면 수다 많이 떨어요. 제 생각에 그것 남자나 여자에 대한 문제가 아니라 모든 인간은 통신하는 것 좋지만, 뭐에 대한 이야기 하다, 이것은 남자과 여자들끼리 달라요 ~
    여기도 남자들이 전화할 때 오래 안 걸리는 데 여자들이 가끔 그래요~ 제 자주 만난 친구에게 전화하면 저도 30 초~ 1 분 쯤 걸리지만 쉽게 못 만난 친구에게 전화하면 보통 2 시 가지 말할 수 도 있어요 . 남자들은 그렇지 않아요? 그 친구를 친친구이며 전화 밖에 없으면, 오래도 안 걸려요?
    우리 나라에서도 남자들은 모으면 축구, 전자 제품 .. 응 ,,또 뭐하고 싶은 일 .. 그리고 물론 여자에 대해서 이야기를 해서 요즘은 주로 정치에 대해 이야기를 오랫동안 해요~
    다음 레슨에 현우 씨랑 석진 씨 보이는 매력적인 여자 정말 궁굼해요 🙂

  • (Sorry for the English): This was fun to listen to, and a lot easier to listen to than the last two Iyagi. However, I think men and women are a lot more similar than these conversations imply. I know men who are huge gossips, and most of my female friends hate phone conversations and talk a lot about the future.

    • Er, easier to UNDERSTAND, not listen to. -_-

  • diana dee

    듣고 들을수록 재미 있엇어요 ^^
    남자들이는 이런 이야기를 많이 하는것 신기해요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 남자 끼리는 스포츠를 많이 예기 안해요? 축구캍은 스포츠를 좋아하는 남자가 많이 있나봐요.
    인도네시아는 걸그룹이 거의 없어서 걸그룹 대해서 남자들이 이야기 하자 않아봐요. 이 나라의 남자들이 보통 무엇을 이야기 하는지 궁금해졌어요 ^^