Iyagi #60 / 학원 (= After-school Institutes) / Natural talk in 100% Korean

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안녕하세요. ^^ There are a lot of private institutes in Korea. Kyeong-eun and Hyo-jin went to some private institutes as well when they were growing up. In this Iyagi episode, they talk about a private institute in Korea. Are there a lot of private institutes in your country? Enjoy and leave us comments!

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Iyagi #60 / 학원 (= After-school Institutes) / Natural talk in 100% Korean
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  • VIncent

    그 이야기는 너무 재미있네요 ! 정말 고마워요 !
    전 다 이해할 수 없는데, 참 좋아했어요 !

    Vincent from France 😉

  • amber

    Yes, Malaysia has PLENTY of hagwons! Only that we called them as tuition centres.

    Children are sent to tuition centres to learn more and improve on their schoolwork, as schools sometimes cannot be depend upon. We have lousy and irresponsible teachers in Malaysia.

    People go for as many tuition classes for each of the subject they take to have competitive edge over others. To be the best in the class. It’s insane.

    Let’s just say that Malaysian school-going peeps CANNOT survive without going to tuition centres outside school. They’re everywhere, competing for business.

  • Manii

    저는 지금 고등 학생인데 3개월이 다음에 대학교에도 다닐 거예요. 그래서 기분이 너무 좋아요.

    이 이야기를 정말 재미있군요.

  • 저도 어렸을 때 피아노 학원하고 영어 학원하고 중국어 학원 다녔는데요 .. 그 세 학원 중에 저 피아노가 정말 싫었어요.
    태국에서는 포통 여자들이 태국의 전통춤 학원 다니고 미술 학원도 많이 디녀서 엄마 아빠한테 춤을 추고싶다고 자주 했지만 저를 원전히 무시하셨어요.

  • godnomoon

    yes hagwons are everywhere in Hong Kong ! For those who are facing public exams , they attend tutorial courses for each subject ! I am one of them too TT
    But it is not because i am lazy and i don’t want to listen to my school teachers , it is the fact that my day schools’ teachers don’t really know how to teach ! They just read out the notes ! And i understand none of their words .

  • Huong

    There’re a lot in Vietnam too, mostly for students who wants to pass the university entrance exam or potential students who aim for national contest. However, usually it is organized as a single class with about 10 students or so rather than a school (학원) as in Korea. (^^)

  • First, i love Iyagi which provides me a lot of information regarding Korea. Iyagi makes me more interested in Korea 🙂
    Although i am still in level two, translation via google translate and multiple listening helps me to learn language as well. 🙂 Iyagi is the best!

  • 펠릭스

    이야기 잘 들었어요! 고마워요.. 조금 아쉬운 점이 있는데 저는 매일 매일 이야기 방송이 기대 많이 되는데 이렇게 짧은 나온 방송을 들어보니까 약간 슬펐어요.. 5분밖에 안 걸렸는데..ㅠㅠ