Iyagi #68 / 맛집 / Delicious and popular restaurants / Natural Talk in 100% Korean

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안녕하세요. Are you the type of person who seeks out delicious and popular restaurants (맛집), or do you prefer just going somewhere and eating no matter what they offer? Listen in as 석진 and 경은 talk about 맛집!

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Iyagi #68 / 맛집 / Delicious and popular restaurants / Natural Talk in 100% Korean
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  • Cynthia Lee

    I also like to visit various 맛집 with family and friends, and sometimes even on my own! ^^
    I was told that Korean people consider those who eat alone rather pitiful, and I guess I can see why that would be the case, but it is nice to enjoy a quiet meal once in a while so that you can have some solitude to think things over. I can’t wait to visit Korea again so I can frequent some 맛집 with the teachers here at Talk to Me in Korean! 😀

  • 레슨 감사드립니다~

    요즘은 돈이 정말 없기 때문에 집에서 요리 많이 하는 것 같아요. ㅋㅋ

    즐거운 하루 되세요^^!

  • Nikki

    오늘이야기가 아주재미있었어요. 나가서 먹는걸 너무 좋아하니까요. 특히 한국에서 살때 거의항상 식당에서 먹었어요 (저기, “식당”과 “맛집” 사이 단점 뭐에요?) 한국에서는, 맛있는거 싸게 살 수 있으니까, 거의 별로 요리를 안했어요. 하지만 미국에는 식당이나 조금 비싸서, 팁도 내야하고, 그냥 집에서 먹어요.

    오, 저도 홍대근초가 자주 다니는데 이었는데, 제 경우엔 힙홉클럽 갈 수 있도록 갔어요. 🙂

  • I like your website and I download and learn alot of lessons.
    I can speak, I can read as kindergarden, anyway I watch alot of korean movie, so I think my korean language are improve. our campus has some korean but i have no chance to talk with them.

  • 안녕하세요 여러분!
    나는 맛집에 자주 않 가서 갈 때 좀 어색해요. 나는 대구 교외 시골에 살아서 그냥식당에 자주 먹거든요. 주인과 예기하고 TV를 봐서 편해요. 그기고 물론 싼 계산이죠 :-). 그런데 두 달 한번에 대구 시내에 가고 친구와 맛집에서 먹어요. 대구 시내에 자주 않 가서 친구와 맛집에 가기 특별 것이에요. 그래서 좀 어색하는데도 아주 재미있어요.

    잘 먹으세요, 여러분! 🙂


  • Hello !

    After reading the text I still don’t know what a 맛집 is. Can someone explain me please ? What’s the difference with a 식당 ?

    • Hi Nicolas,
      I think the difference is that a 식당 is a basic Korean restaurant that can be found anywhere, but a 맛집 is fancier and more expensive: a “trendy” restaurant found in the nice downtown areas.
      To give another example, 맛집 are places where you might make a reservation, but in 식당 you can’t make reservations.

  • Jiang Long

    At 4:35 in the MP3, Kyeong-eun said: “석진씨도 제가 생각할 때는 좋아하는 것 같아요.” ^^