Iyagi #74 / 사투리 / Dialect / Natural Talk in 100% Korean

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In this Iyagi episode, 윤아 and 석진 talk about regional dialects. Many people already know that 석진 is from 포항 (Pohang) and 윤아 is from 광주 (Gwangju), so they speak different dialects. Are there many dialects in your country?

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Iyagi #74 / 사투리 / Dialect / Natural Talk in 100% Korean
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  • meisa

    Yes, there are dialects in Malaysia too.

    Among the Malaysian Chinese community here, there are plenty of dialects around.
    I speak Cantonese and understand a wee bit of Hokkien.

    • I’m Malaysian too.. and my family use north Malaysian dialects..

      I guess people in Malaysia don’t really mind about dialect and some of us really proud to use dialect in everyday conversation..

  • 사투리 이야기가 정말 재미있었어요..
    저도 사투리 배우고 싶어요..
    한국 드라마 보니까 ‘신더렐라 언니’에서 부산 사투리를 사용했죠?
    하지만 ‘제빵왕 김탁구’ 볼 때 어떤 사투리 사용하는지 잘 모르겠어요..
    알려 주시면 감사해용~~^^

    • 재밌게 들어주셔서 감사합니다^^

      ‘제빵왕 김탁구’에서 주인공 탁구는 경상도 사투리를 썼다고 하네요ㅎㅎ

  • Andrew Reece

    There are, arguably, 46 different dialects of English in the UK and Ireland. That is including regional variations such as Geordie and Mackem in the north east, or Cockney and Estuary in London. No doubt a rich landscape of dialects, can any other country boast more over a similar area?

  • 아따! 진짜 재미있었거든요! ㅋㅋ 잘 가잉 ^__^

    • 재밌게 들어주셔서 감사합니다ㅎㅎ

  • 그 윤아 씨가 누구죠? 농담이고요~ 윤아 씨가 나와서 너무 좋아요. 긴장할 필요 완전히 없었던 거 같고요. 정말 방송 전문가처럼 했으니까~ 음…진실로 혹시 긴장하는 척 하는 게 아니었을까?

    저는 사람들이 사투리를 고치니까 너무 아쉬워요. 석진 선생님의 경상도 사투리 레슨 들어 볼 때 사투리가 표준어보다 훨씬 더 아름답게 들리는데요… 근데 영화에서 나오는 사투리는 별로 예쁘지 않겠죠? 무서운 할머니하고 깡패 밖에 안 쓰는 거 같아서~^^ 그래서 석진 선생님~ 저희한테 사투리 아름답게 많이 가르쳐 주세요. 그리고 절실한 필요없으면 사투리하고 억양을 고치지 마시고요~ 세상이 다채로울수록 낫겠죠?^^

    고맙심대 샘들~

    • 필립, 칭찬해줘서 고마워요! ㅎㅎ

      사투리를 고쳐도 사투리를 못하게 되는 건 아니니까 너무 아쉬워하지 마세요^^ 저는 광주에 가자마자 사투리가 저절로 나와요.ㅎㅎ

  • Desiree

    Yea, in the US as far as cultural dialects there are 7.
    Only one I slip up and speak is the African American Dialect. It’s usually when I’m excited lol.
    Standard American English: I’m always working these days.
    African American Dialect: I stay working these days.

    SAE: She has(she’s) been studying.
    AAD: She been studying

    SAE:I bought her clothes a long time ago
    AAD: I been bought her clothes.

    SAE: Generally, I’m always scared of horror films.
    AAD: I be scared of them horror movies.

    🙂 lol that was fun to type out.

    Though I’m pretty sure, most people familiar with hip hop, RnB, and even Kpop when emulating hip hop, are familiar with and speaking/singing the AAD without even knowing it.

  • Miguel

    In Spanish there are also many different dialects even within the same Spanish-speaking country (Spanish is the official language in more than 20 countries). Only in Spain there are about 18 dialects (not counting the other 3 official languages). Of course, nothing compared to the number of dialects of English in the UK and Ireland, as Andrew Rice has mentioned. It is amazing that even in the same city (London) there are variations!

  • runiluni

    Japanese has dialect, too! Some of them are funny and unique, and some are remotely comprehensible (like a foreign language). I work on Korean translations mainly, but do some Japanese translation, as well. There are some challenging dialects to translate, trust me. 🙂

  • Anahita (아나히타)

    Wow,you cannot even imagine; There are TOO MANY dialects and accents in Iran and of course some individual languages!
    Each province,each city,and even each village has a different accent and/or dialect.
    For instance, people who speak Azeri (a kind of Turkish) have a special accent while speaking Persian. Besides, there are different dialects of Azeri and so does Kurdish.There are many other dialects and languages,too: Gilaki, Mazandarani, Isfahani, Deri Persian, Arabic (spoken in the south of Iran), Lori, Yazdi, Shirazi, Khorasani,etc.
    I can go on forever! Most of them like Isfahani, Shirazi or Yazdi are dialects of Persian but as I mentioned just before ,there are a few individual languages too! Perhaps that’s why its always confusing for foreigners and even some Iranians to communicate with other Iranians! But almost all of our people speak or at least understand PERSIAN, so you don’t have to worry so much,really.

  • wintergreen

    흥미로운 이야기를 나누어 주셔서 정말 감사합니다!
    재미있게 잘 들었습니다.

    즐거운 하루 보내세요. ^^

  • Yay! Here’s something of a lesson in saturi. I would like to learn Jeollanamdo saturi, but it’s hard to learn. My friends in that area won’t teach it to me, saying it’s not good Korean. I get the feeling they feel saturi may be impolite if ill-used. I come from a country dialect-heavy place in the USA, so I’m really interested in country dialects and think it’s a great thing.

  • 동레이

    제가 한국 사투리를 조금 알아요…”~니”는 서울 사투리인 것 같아요.보통 “~냐”를 사용해요…
    “~나요?”도 그런 것 캍아요….
    제 선생님이 부산 사람이에요.
    자주 쓰는 부산 사투리가 뭐예요??다음에 선생님하고 좀 얘기해 볼게요^^

    중국에서 사투리가 넘 많은데요…그리고 대부분이 전혀 달아요.
    그래서 교류를 위해서 표준말이 필요해요…그렇지 않으면 말할 수 없어요.
    제 보기엔 중국에서 온주말이 제일 어려운 것중의 하나예요…

  • Jana

    yes in Egypt there’s 🙂

  • Jay

    There are over 100 languages in The Philippines. These are actually different languages with completely different words. In my grandfather’s hometown, the two languages spoken were divided by a street that went through the center of town. If you drive south 30 minutes from my grandfather’s hometown, then it’s a completely different language. It makes communication an interesting experience when travelling around the country since not all people can speak the national language, Tagalog, or English. I still remember trying to communicate with my friend’s cook. He couldn’t speak Tagalog or English, so we just used body language to communicate.

  • 나즈

    우리 나라도 사투리도 있거든요. 나도 사투리를 가지고 있어요~..

  • Mary

    들어 주셔서 감사합니다. 재미 있게 들었었고요.

    그리고 전라도 사투리에 관심 있는 분들이라면 2011년 개봉된 ‘써니’라는 한국 영화가 좋지 않나 싶어서 댓글을 남겨 주기로 했어요. 약간 유치하게 보일 수 있는 영화이긴 하지만 나름대로 너무 감동적이고 재미있더라고요.

  • Norah Dweh

    There are over 16 known Dialects in my country, Liberia. Even the capital, Monrovia, has a western-like dialect when spoken. My parent’s tried teaching my siblings and i but since there are less then 5 dialects that can be written, the rest are verbal, it makes it very hard, esp. in this generation to try and learn. But i still love it. 😀

    • Yeah, it is hard to know the rules and how it was changed. So I would like to introduce the expressions which are commonly used and simple through this video series. 🙂

  • Sierra Bell

    아이구~ 전라남도의 사투리를 배우고싶어요, 정말~ help pleeeease lol. I know 사투리 is generally not viewed well in the big city but I’m from the southern United States and honestly I feel like the country dialects are so much more comfortable to me xD it’s very comforting to hear someone speaking in a country accent. Even though my southern accent in English isn’t super strong it is there. Also to answer the question, I live in Florida and lived in Orlando till I was almost 14, and I didn’t notice it but apparently people in Orlando have their own accent lol like the way we say “Orlando,” for myself and at least some others we pronounce it kinda like “uh-lando” for no apparent reason at all ㅋㅋㅋ. That’s not how everybody talks there but I would say for those of us that have that particular kind of “Orlando accent” have sort of a mix between southern and Spanish accent O.o kinda weird but oh well. Lol

  • Rochim Hidayah

    서울말이라는 거 사투리예요?