Iyagi #77 / 유행어 / Popular Lines from TV Shows or Movies / Natural Talk in 100% Korean

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Do you have any favorite lines from TV shows or movies that you like to immitate? Do you know any Korean comedians that have created some of these lines? In this episode of Iyagi, 경화 and 석진 talk about some of the most popular lines from TV that they remember enjoying. Enjoy!

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Iyagi #77 / 유행어 / Popular Lines from TV Shows or Movies / Natural Talk in 100% Korean
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  • 일등!

    • 이등! 근데 일등 받은 사람이 현우 선생님이라면 일등 느낌 드는데요^^

  • 도라

    삼등! 기분이 좋다~~~~! ^______^

  • 너무 좋아요 고마워요

    • Kyung-hwa Sun

      Thank YOU for listening! 😉

  • Nate

    강개리: 스트레스!

  • 안녕하세요~선생님들~
    오랜만에 코멘트를 남겼어요.요즘 실습때문에 정말 바빠졌어요.

    유행어에 대해 제가 잘 모르겠네요…
    제가 에전에 한국 드라마를 볼때 “별들에게 물어봐”라는 말을 든 적이 있어요! 이 드라마 중에 가족들은 밥을 막고 있을때 아버지가 갑자기 텔레비전을 따라 이렇게 불렀어요~
    근데 제가 왜 이 말은 그렇게 재미있는지 몰라요…혹시 별자리에 관한 말이에요?

    • 동레이

      그 드라마가예요~


    • Kyung-hwa Sun

      That is a popular line from the comedy show which was aired about 17 years ago. The main character of the show used to say “별들에게 물어봐.” when he didn’t know the answer or when he couldn’t remember something. XD

  • your so awesome! 🙂

    • Kyung-hwa Sun

      Thanks! 😉

  • 안녕하세요 선생님들,
    I’m sorry if this will be out of topic,but I really wanna know n I dunno where should I ask this question.
    why do korean people often pronounce 예쁜(pretty) as ‘ippu’,not ‘yeppeun’?or is that the synonym?
    감사합니다 🙂

    • Kyung-hwa Sun

      이쁘다 is easier to pronounce than 예쁘다! 😉 That’s why we often pronounce like that even though we know it is wrong. XD

  • Well, I think I remember a line that became a trend since SBS’ Running Man:

    Kang Gary: ~seumdwa! (instead of -seubnida) 😀

    • steven

      yes i agree, thats the best!!! 슴 돠!!
      also, not a line but a name: Yooruce Willis / 유루수 윌리스!

  • i would recommend a US film called Jerry Maguire starring Tom Cruise from back in the ’90s. there was literally a dozen quotable lines like “You had me at hello,” “Help me help you,” and “Show me the money!”

    • Kyung-hwa Sun

      Awesome! I’ll go check it out right away! 😀

  • just1world

    Great talk! I’ve been trying to figure out how to add more humor to my Korean speaking, and I think throwing in some ‘유행어’ might just be the way. Hopefully i can pick some up by watching ‘개그콘’ as 경화 does.

    As for English ‘유행어’, i think “bazinga” from The Big Bang Theory is still pretty popular.. ㅋㅋ

    • Kyung-hwa Sun

      Bazinga! wow! Thank you! hehe
      What does “bazinga” mean though?

  • Jiang

    There sre a lot of English popular lines from YouTube:

    “Charlie bit me!”
    “is it gonna be like this FOREVER?” (David after dentist)
    “it’s Friday, Friday” and “fun fun fun” and “I see my friends!” (Rebecca Black Friday)