Iyagi #90 / 라면 / Ra-myeon (instant noodles) / Natural talk in 100% Korean

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Have you ever eaten Korean 라면 (instant noodles)? What kind of 라면 do you like the most? In this Iyagi episode, 석진 and 효진 talked about Korean 라면. If you are hungry now, you’d better eat 라면 first, and then listen to this episode.

You can view the PDF here or download it here. And you can get the translation package for this Iyagi episode here. Every purchase goes to the support of creating more free learning material. Thank you! 감사합니다.


Iyagi #90 / 라면 / Ra-myeon (instant noodles) / Natural talk in 100% Korean
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  • happyvirus

    I remember having my first ramyeon in the school cafeteria. It was so spicy and always had to drink water after every slurp/bite. I like my ramyeon with an egg. ^^

    I noticed that whenever I eat ramyeon, I would get pimples on my chin. And when I didn’t eat ramyeon, I didn’t have pimples.

    • 이름

      여드름이 나왔어요. 하긴 라면이 진짜 음식이 아니니까요. 한국사람들이 이런 정크 푸드를 먹는것을 알지 못 할 정도로 전통 한식이 그다지 맛있어요. 내 생각… ㅎㅎ

      라면을 안 좋아하는데 이런 종류 대화 되게 유용하고 재미있어요. 감사합니다.

  • 라면을 정말 좋아해요~중국에서 신라면밖에 없어서 한국에 갔을 때 라면을 많이 샀어요.

  • 마리

    “신라면”가 너무 좋아요~~ 매운 맛이 좋거든요.

  • 라면을 지금은 먹고 싶어 T.T

  • 나는 신라면 먹었어요. 내 한국친구한테서 받았어요~ (she has sent me this in package!) 너무 맛있어요! 좋아요. 매일 먹고 싶은데 한국에서 안 살아요… 음..

  • Ingrid

    I really want to try Korean Ramen. But here i can find it. I have try the 인스턴트 라면 made here or the closest i have try is chinese, but Korean has to be better.

  • I love ramyun, I eat it once or twice a week, I’m not korean though ^^

  • sherry

    i rly want to understand the conversation, but my korean’s not that good…><
    could you plz put eng translation under the korean transcript?like what you do for the level 1 and level 2 dialogue? it would be highly appreciated!!!!! <3

  • Jessie

    한국라면은 중국라면과 같을 까요?

  • Ellen

    I love Korean ramyeon the same effect too it was so spicy that i had to drink water too after every bite. XD

  • JYJ의 유천때문에 기스라면 먹어보고 싶어요 이제 ㅎㅎ
    근데요 이태리에 없어서, 석진 씨도 효진 씨도 먹어보면, 꼭 알려주세요~ 궁금이니까 ㅎㅎ
    여기에 스파게티있어요~ 하지만, 라면보다 좀 달라요. 왜냐하면…국물 없고 똑바르고, 소스하고 만들어요~ 그리고 맛도 다르죠~~

  • JAS