Iyagi #94 / 동아리 / Club / Natural talk in 100% Korean

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Were you in any student clubs or organizations when you were in college? Or do you plan on joining any clubs or fraternities/sororities? In this Iyagi episode, 효진 and 경화 talked about 동아리. Listen in to find out what clubs they were involved with in college.

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Iyagi #94 / 동아리 / Club / Natural talk in 100% Korean
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  • happyvirus

    While I was learning Korean in school, I joined a traditional Korean dance club. 🙂 The club was for foreigners so it was fun. I don’t normally dance but I just had to try it out. Hehe. I also bought a skirt and shoes specifically for it. Sadly, I had to drop out of the club after 2 or 3 meetings because of conflict in schedule. The club was held every afternoon but when we had classes in the afternoon, I had to stop attending.

  • 수래쉬

    우어 너무 빨라요. 이개 저음 코맨트이에요. ^^

  • Stefano

    대학교 때는 제가 fraternity에서 살았으니까 파티 많이 하야 했어요. 공부하기는 힘들었어요.