Iyagi #96 / 나이 / Age / Natural talk in 100% Korean

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Did you know that they use a different age counting system in Korea? Do you know how old you are in Korea? In this Iyagi episode, 석진 and 효진 talk about age counting system in Korea. Enjoy the talk and find out how old you are in Korea. 🙂

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Iyagi #96 / 나이 / Age / Natural talk in 100% Korean
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  • happyvirus

    After living in Korea for some time and returning back to my home country, I would often compute my age in my head whenever I’m asked how old I am. There were times that I actually said my “Korean age” than my “Western age.” ^^;

    I think in Korea, you really feel a certain affinity to people (not exactly your friends) who were born on the same year as you.

  • Matthew

    석진씨, 이것 무슨 말이에요? “저 가튼 경우에는 제 인생의 반 이상을 그렇게 이미 살아왔기 때문에…” 나도 빠른 82 인데 내 생각에 우리 33%밖에 안 살았거든요!

    그렇지만 솔직히 한국에서 난 보통 모르는 척 하고 그냥 미국 나이 말해요

  • 제가 1993년12월14일에 태어났는데 그럼 한국 나이로 계산하면 올해 벌써 20살 되는 말이에요?

    • :)

      yep 😉