Iyagi #99 / 하숙과 고시원 / boarding house and small studio apartment / Natural talk in 100% Korean

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What kind of place are you living in? Do you know 하숙 and 고시원? In this Iyagi episode, 석진 and 효진 talk about 하숙 and 고시원. Listen in to find out what is like to be living in 하숙집 and 고시원.

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Iyagi #99 / 하숙과 고시원 / boarding house and small studio apartment / Natural talk in 100% Korean
  • happyvirus

    Aw, this topic reminded me of the times when I stayed in Korea.

    I remember my friend telling me that she once lived in a 고시원 and it was one of the reasons she got depressed in Korea. It was just too small. She told me that the size of the room was only as wide as her arms outstretched. Imagine that!

    My buddy lived in a 하숙집 when she was still studying in uni. It was ok until the bathroom beside her room started had problems with plumbing. It smelled.

    I was fortunate enough to have lived in a not-so strict dormitory. I just got stressed when I had to move out because I was transferring to another school.

  • Soh Zhau Wan

    I have difficult to download the lyagi99 PDF file. is it possible to send to me?

  • 호호

    선생님들 목소리가 정말 아름다워요~
    안타깝게 한국에 아직도 못 가봤어요..그래서 하숙집이나 고시원은 어떤 곳인지 잘 몰랐어요..
    이제 이야기를 들으니까 이해하게 되었어요…

  • Hello


    I was wondering~ Could anybody please tell me what 이야기 means? I have only completed level one on TTMIK^.^ Thanks for the classes!:D


    • eunjin

      이야기 is chat or talk. They talk about every interesting topics in Korea. 🙂

  • 나타샤

    저는 신촌 거시원에서 살아본적이있어요^^
    좋은 점이 가격이고 안 좋은점 많아요
    저도 빨래 말릴 곳이 없어서 고생했었고
    창문도 없었서 방에 있으면 밖에 날씨가 어떤지 비 오는지 안오는지 알수가 없었어요
    환기할수도 제대로 없고
    그래서 좀 살아보면 방에서도 냄세 난것 같아요!
    아 그리고 벌래도 있었어요~ 바퀴벌래도 봤고 모기 도 많고 다른 벌래도….
    방 접아서 불편하기도하고요~
    뭐 한달 사는데로 그렇게 나쁘지 않지만 한번도 고시원에서 살고 싶지않아요
    생각만 하면 찡그러워요^^

  • 익면잉

    Memories! When I was studying at Konkuk U., I stayed at 하숙집. It was not bad, actually. I had a mat to sleep on (bought myself) and did my own washing with their machine. The best part was the owner made breakfast and dinner, so that was really convenient. The price was reasonable, I think. But I was too shy to talk to many others, and my Korean was not so good anyway.