Iyagi #31-40 – English Translations Available at MyKoreanStore


If you’ve been listening to TTMIK’s 이야기 lessons to help you study Korean, but don’t quite understand what things are being said, or just wish you had an English translation, have no fear! Translations are here! Get 이야기 lessons 31 through 40 and a line-by-line English translation in this download. Let this product assist you in improving your Korean listening comprehension skills!

[Purchase] (USD $1.99)

The Iyagi topics that are discussed in this package are:
Iyagi 31 : Cafes
Iyagi 32 : The Airport
Iyagi 33 : Restaurant
Iyagi 34 : Buses
Iyagi 35 : The Kitchen
Iyagi 36 : Playgrounds
Iyagi 37 : The Subway
Iyagi 38 : Fear
Iyagi 39 : 명동, 홍대 and 강남
Iyagi 40 : Delivery



Iyagi #31-40 – English Translations Available at MyKoreanStore
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  • 🙂 This is great …now just credit card payment options for people in PayPal banned countries.


  • Courtney

    Thank you so much for offering these Iyagi translation packages. They are great study tools and lots of fun to listen to.

  • please tell me how can get the English translations……..

  • Maddie

    The links to most of the iyagi translation packages lead to a “page not found” message, and I can’t find them anywhere on MyKoreanStore.com. What happened to them? They were so helpful ㅠㅠㅠ