Iyagi Lessons Available in Video Format (Episode 1)


If you’ve been enjoying studying with our Iyagi lessons, here’s some good news for you! The Iyagi episodes are going to be available in video format for you to READ the story as you listen to it at the same time. This will not only help you with your listening skills but also help increase your Korean reading speed. Hope you enjoy them, and to be the first one to receive an update about new videos, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel as well!



Iyagi Lessons Available in Video Format (Episode 1)
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  • Rigo

    I think this is a great idea , it might be more effective this way
    Thanks for your hard work

  • Sarah

    Thank you!~ It’s perfect. No English!

  • Edin

    Great idea to make it in video format. I would also suggest to still put the pdf, so that it can be read separateley (I would like to print it, for example).
    Thanks for the hard work.

    수고하셨습니다 🙂

  • Istvan

    agree with Edin, – I also like to print out the text and read it..

  • ingrid

    Great idea!

  • megan

    hey guys,

    since im from china, i cant access youtube. is there anybody who has downloaded the videos?? do you mind sending the files to me?

    i would really love to watch it~~~ that would be so helpful to my korean study.


    i will leave my e-mail address here…pls, guys


  • 보성 스님

    Best site ever !

  • 이 비디요가 정말 좋아해요…따라서 읽을 수 있어서 이해를 할 수 있는 것 같아요..그런데 우리 나라에서 이런 자리가 없어요. 그래서 불편해요…
    선생님, 제 한국말은 어때요?

    • 김태균

      이 비디오를 정말 좋아해. 아니면 이 비디오가 정밀 좋아요라고해도 돼요.

  • traveler222

    This is a great idea. My reading speed increased the first time through. You guys are great innovators.