Iyagi in Video (Episode 2) – “Bookstores”


We know a lot of our listeners have been enjoying studying with our Iyagi lessons, so we are making videos out of them as well. The Iyagi episodes are going to be available in video format for you to READ the story as you listen to it at the same time. This will not only help you with your listening skills but also help increase your Korean reading speed. Hope you enjoy them, and to be the first one to receive an update about new videos, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel as well!

This is episode 2, and you can find episode 1 here.


Iyagi in Video (Episode 2) – “Bookstores”
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  • 처음으로 한국에 들어왔을 때, 서점에서 밑바닥에 앉아서 책을 읽는 사람을 보고, 정말로 깜짝놀랐습니다^^

    • 맞아요! 정말 많은 것 같아요 ^^ 큰 서점에서는, 나이가 많으신 분들도 서점에 앉아서 책을 많이 읽으시는 것 같아요.:)

  • 나영훈

    정마라 훌륭해요 — 20년 전에 이런식으로 배울 수 있었다면 벌써 와변한 실력이 되었을 텐데요.

  • ㅎㅎ 그 이야기 비디오를 좋아하는 것 같아요! follow along 할 수 있어요. 그리고 그 단어 비디오를 다 알잖아요 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Stefano

    I agree with Samier. Please continue the Iyagi in Video series!