Iyagi #144 / 겨울 스포츠 / Winter Sports / Natural talk in 100% Korean

Do you like sports? 여러분은 스포츠 좋아하세요? How about in the winter? 겨울에는요? In this episode of Iyagi, 석진 and 경화 talk about what kind of winter sports they enjoy and introduce some of their experiences.

For this episode of Iyagi:

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Iyagi #144 / 겨울 스포츠 / Winter Sports / Natural talk in 100% Korean
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  • 김사과

    캐나다에서 겨울이 아주 길어서 겨울 스포츠가 많아요. 그리고 캐나다 사람들이 보통 겨울 스포츠를 하는것을 보는것도 좋아해요. 특히 캐나다에서 아이스하키가 정말 유명해요. 저는 겨울 스포츠를 잘 못 하지만 NHL 아이스하키 경기이나 겨울 올림픽 경기를 보는것을 좋아해요.

    • 한국에도 아이스하키 경기가 열리긴 하지만 아직 한번도 본 적은 없어요. 비록 NHL만큼은 아니겠지만 한번 근처에 있는 아이스링크 경기장을 찾아서 구경해 보고 싶네요.

  • Peggy

    Do other iyagi series, which can be purchased at “my Korea Store”, also include vocabulary review quiz, a comprehension quiz, and a vocabulary and grammar point list? or just translation?
    I found those quizzes and grammar list very useful for me to learn and memorize new word and phrases.

    • Hi Peggy ^_^ We’re working on it right now. For now, the new episodes are going to be in that format, but the old ones, they only have translations. We will add vocab list and quizzes to the old ones, starting from episode 1 and publish them soon! Thank you ^_^

    • Peggy

      RE: Hyunwoo Sun

      Wow! It’s great! I will definitely purchase the new one of iyagi series.

    • Mike

      What’s the app like? Is it just for iPhone? Or is it a PDF or something like that?

  • Hansel

    Is it an app like an android or iphone app? Or more like a PDF? If so, can I use it on my computer and copy and paste from it?

    • Daniel wang

      what happened to the iyali show, why there is no new iyagi episode these two weeks? im looking towards to listening it

    • Hi Daniel wang,
      Please don’t worry. You will see the next iyagi episode soon.
      Thanks for your comment.

  • uttam

    Hi to all TTMIK teacher,
    First of all ” Happy Salnaal” to all of you. Can i pay through the bank? As I am working in your own country ( khimae near busan).if it is possible ,please let me know as soon as you notice my message.

  • Jeff

    고등학교 때 우리 누나랑 보드를 몇번 탔어요. 그 때 경은씨처럼 스키장에서 전문가한테서 레선 받았는데 기본 테크닉을 배우고 다음 날 그냥 자유롭게 초보자 크스부터 탔어요. 우리 누나가 나보다 잘 탔는데 따라가는 처음에 어려웠지만 실력이 많이 늘었어요.

  • Old Boy

    You might consider a one year Iyagi subscription rate.

  • TGIvans

    I have not listened to many of these yet, but I was wondering if you had any iyagi talks using the honorific. I think it would be really useful to hear a situation with an older and younger person talking, even if it is role play.