Iyagy #58 / 음식 나눠 먹기 (= Sharing foods) / Natural talk in 100% Korean

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안녕하세요! Welcome to another Iyagi episode by TalkToMeInKorean. There are a lot of different aspects of cultures around the world that make them unique. For example, Korean people think it is important to share food together. In this Iyagi episode, 현우 and 경은 talk about sharing food. Let’s find out what’s so different!

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Iyagy #58 / 음식 나눠 먹기 (= Sharing foods) / Natural talk in 100% Korean
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    • Thanks for your comment. 어서 밥 먹어요.

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    완전 재미있네요 ^^
    선생님들~수고하셨어요 🙂

  • Ahmed

    안녕하새요 !!!
    암메드입니다.저는 일아크사람이에요.반갑습니다.저는17 살이에요.
    when can i be professional in speaking Korean ????and how??
    when can i find interpreters from korean to arabic and vise versa in korea?
    please help me speak Korean to be professional…..
    도와 줘주새요! ^_^

  • In our country we seldom ask other ppl to have a try when we buy the food unless we are a close friend. ^_^

  • I am from Afghanistan. I am amazed of the existence of many similarities between the cultures of two countries. Despite sharing the food with others, in some meals we also share the dishes. (like two persons eat from one big plate etc).

    Thanks for the nice Iyagi…. ~~~~ 🙂

  • Ing

    태국 사람들도 똑 같아요^^ When we bought some snack/food we would ask our friends if they want to try it and when we order food in the restaurant it’s a manner to wait for everyone’s dish to come and eat together…but with close friends we would tell him/her not to wait and encourage them to eat first. I don’t think men are that serious about sharing food though hahaha^^