Korean Dialect Lessons with Seokjin – Lesson #5

In this series, you can learn along side Terris as Seokjin teaches him some phrases in 경상도 사투리, the dialect spoken by people from the Gyeongsang Province area, which includes cities like 대구, 부산, 마산, 포항, 경주, etc.

In this lesson, learn how to say “how” in 경상도 사투리 (Gyeongsang Province dialect) .

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It’s always important to speak naturally and correct in any language, and whether you want to speak in a 사투리 (dialect) or in 표준어 (standard Korean), you can make your Korean sound more natural by practicing every day with help from a native speaker.
And as always, thank you for studying with us.


Korean Dialect Lessons with Seokjin – Lesson #5
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  • Arwa Kamal

    haha a very nice lesson thank you teachers ^^

  • Arwa Kamal

    thank you teachers for the lesson, I really enjoy such lessons cuz I love dramas with dialects other than Seoul :p

  • Arwa Kamal

    and my sentence for next episode : “준비 많이 했는데요 :(“

  • Arwa Kamal

    이 영화 너무 무서웠어요

  • Titi

    Gyeongsang Province’s dialect is really sweet 😀 Like it! 😀 Thanks for the lesson!

  • 안젤로

    이 경치가 아주 아름답워요
    한국에서 살면 한국음식을 많이 먹어야지

    • 그럼요. 한국에 오시면 꼭 한국 음식 많이 먹으세요!

  • sofiap6

    thank you Seokjin Oppa & Keith this lesson I loved the way how you show intonation, which was also a little funny too 🙂 … I’m really enjoying this very interesting Korean Dialect Lesson … 감사합니다!

  • Elizabeth Yang

    =) ! These transcribed videos are great

    I’m working in Daegu for one year and it’s really helpful to see what people are speaking

    In the future, maybe could you explain the ‘마’ people add to their sentences?

    • Well, if so, the video will be quite tough.