Korean Vocabulary Plus #10 – 옷


Welcome to Korean Vocabulary Plus #10!

We introduce grammar points and sentence building tips through our regular lessons, and we do not try to have you memorize a lot of vocabulary words all at once because learning new words doesn’t work that way! So our regular lessons will always be the way they are, without too many vocab words to remember. We want our listeners to only focus on the grammar points that we introduce through the lessons. So through Korean Vocabulary Plus video lessons, we introduce new words, one by one. But to help you remember the word better through context, and for those of you who already know the certain words but want to learn some more expressions using the words, we will also give you some sample sentences through the videos.

Thank you once again for your support, everyone!

Korean Vocabulary Plus #10 – 옷
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  • caddie

    이 재미있는 비디오를 줘서 감사합니다.^-^

    저는 제일 좋아하는 것이 옷가게에서 쇼평이예요.다음에 한국에 쇼평 하러갈때 오늘 배우는 것을 말할 기희가 있을 거예요. ^0^

    • “이 옷 저한테 어울리나요?” 이 표현 많이 쓰실 것 같아요. ^^

    • caddie

      쇼평때 다른 표현을 더 가르쳐 주면 좋겠어요.^-^

      고맙습니다! ^-^

    • 저는 남자라서 쇼핑할 때 많은 말을 하지 않는데. 이런 말을 할 것 같아요.

      이거 사이즈 뭐에요?

      얼마 예요?

      입어봐도 되요?

      피팅룸 어디예요?

      이 옷들도 세일해요?

    • caddie


  • Ella

    그 옷은 경은 씨한테 어울릴 것 같은데요.
    I think that jacket will suit 경은 well.

    • 정말요? 진심이에요? Are you sure?

    • 꼭 어울리다.

  • 기범

    안녕하세요 !!

    노란색 옷을 입었어요 - to put on yellow clothes ,,,,!! it is mean to wear yellow clothes or not ??? zzzzz

    고마워 <3

    • 안녕하세요.

      노란색 옷을 입었어요.
      This sentence say the situation that someone wore yellow clothes, so it will be better to be translated as “(someone) wore yellow clothes.)”

      “To wear yellow clothes” is translated as “노란색 옷을 입다”.

  • Wynnie (운)

    After repeating, “노란색 옷을 입었어요”, I looked at my clothes and realized that they were yellow. ^__^ ㅋㅋ 이 비디오 만드셔서 갑사합니다! 아주 재미 있어요!

    (… would 만드셔서 work in this case? =X haha)

  • 이 비디오 만들어 주셔서 감사합니다. This sounds more natural.

  • 제가 석진 씨의 제켙 옷을 입을까요?~~ ^^

  • amy

    hi ,i am amy.