Korean Vocabulary Plus #4 걷다


안녕하세요! This is Korean Vocabulary Plus #4! We introduce grammar points and sentence building tips through our regular lessons, and we do not try to have you memorize a lot of vocabulary words all at once because learning new words doesn’t work that way! So our regular lessons will always be the way they are, without too many vocab words to remember. We want our listeners to only focus on the grammar points that we introduce through the lessons. So through Korean Vocabulary Plus video lessons, we introduce new words, one by one. But to help you remember the word better through context, and for those of you who already know the certain words but want to learn some more expressions using the words, we will also give you some sample sentences through the videos.

Not all our videos will be posted here as lessons, but all of them are going to be on our Youtube channel, so that when we have a lot of these videos, it will be easier for you to watch them together, or favorite or save them. So please be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel as well 🙂 (This is because we will be making a lot of these videos, and we don’t want to spam our lesson posts with vocabulary videos. But the videos are ALL going to be available on Youtube.)

Thank you once again for your support, everyone!

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Korean Vocabulary Plus #4 걷다
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  • One of my favorites video lessons xD, well, all the video lessons are my favorites, but i think this is a little more cute than others ^^

    And, what i can say of this video lesson, it’s amazing, as always!!

    keep up with the great job teachers ^^


  • Irene Low

    For Vocabulary #2 and #3 which are available in Youtube, will there be a pdf file too?

    Just curious..

    : )

    • Yes : ) PDFs for all these videos are available through our iTunes podcast feed ^_^

    • Phil

      Why are those two lessons the only ones not available here?

      That’s a bit confusing to me and very tedious for us! (Because iTunes sucks!) It would be great if you could just post the links to the two PDFs and mp4’s here or add the lessons, thanks! =)

  • vht91

    I want to download vocabulary pdf #2 & #3, plz help me where?

    • Irene Low


      I managed to download the pdfs. Before you click on the “podcast” at the
      bottom of this page, instal iTunes in your PC. Once installed, click on
      podcast at the bottom of this web page and it will bring you to the
      iTunes page. Select the episode you want in iTunes and it will start to

      Go to Edit, Preferences, Advanced and locate the path “iTunes Music
      Folder Location” in your PC. You should find the downloaded PDFs
      in this path.

      Hope this is of help to you.

      : ))

    • Thank you Irene Low,
      You explain the process so well. Like as Irene said, the PDFs are all available through our podcast feed.

  • Reem

    I like the idea of posting them all together on the Youtube channel, so we can view all of them one after the other on youtube. and I just LOVE your video tutorials and PDF’s 🙂
    Thanks a lot!
    ttmik rocks!!! ^_^

    by the way: I downloaded pdf’s on my ipod but it doesn’t open. do you know how can I read pdf files on my ipod touch ?

    • Reem 씨 안녕하세요,
      Thank you for your comment. I will let Hyunwoo know about the issue.
      It will be solved ASAP. I am sure.

  • Jenny

    I prefer to have a hardcopy, maybe I try to podcast later.

  • Jake


    I have been watching all the lessons and shows and they are all very awesome.
    Because I am Chinese, I realized that some of the vocab resembles the chinese version, very much. So I have a suggestion:
    Maybe you could present the vocab with a root 사(词) and then expand on it e.g.
    root = 운동
    운동화 (if it there’s such a phrase…)

    Thanks for reading.

  • Hi everybody!!!!!!!
    Could you plzzzz give the direct DL link to us for vocabuary 2 y 3??
    thank you!!!!
    btw i love this method!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carmen villalta

    muy bueno ^.^ me gusto very much

  • Amanda W.

    I didn’t even realize this was here until today; wow, I really need to keep up with your website! ;D time to study~

    • Thank you for coming here. Yeah we will keep on.

  • but guys this verb why change like that i don’t understand it’s verb stem and ugh this is weird please help

  • they did that wow it was your idea