Korean Vocabulary Plus #5 – 책


안녕하세요! This is Korean Vocabulary Plus #5! We introduce grammar points and sentence building tips through our regular lessons, and we do not try to have you memorize a lot of vocabulary words all at once because learning new words doesn’t work that way! So our regular lessons will always be the way they are, without too many vocab words to remember. We want our listeners to only focus on the grammar points that we introduce through the lessons. So through Korean Vocabulary Plus video lessons, we introduce new words, one by one. But to help you remember the word better through context, and for those of you who already know the certain words but want to learn some more expressions using the words, we will also give you some sample sentences through the videos.

Thank you once again for your support, everyone!


Korean Vocabulary Plus #5 – 책
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  • 저는 집중이 잘 되는곳에서 책을 읽습니다.
    바로 화장실.

    • byoungguk 🙂
      ㅎㅎㅎ 화장실이 집중이 잘되나요? 전 출근할 때 지하철에서 책을 읽어요. ^^

    • Wan

      경은 씨는 지하철에서 항상 책을 읽어요? 좋아요~ ^^ [맞아요?]

    • 완벽합니다. Perfect~! 잘 했어요!

    • Wan

      석진 씨 감사합니다~

  • Gomapseumnida!
    TTMIK Jjang! ^^

    • gbee 🙂
      감사합니다. ^^ gbee 씨도 짱이에요! ㅋ

  • azil

    Thanks that I found this site…My korean was improving. I want to speak fluently in korean. can I do it? aja aja fighting…thanks to you guys..

    • azil 🙂
      I’m sure that you can do it. 😀 Keep up the good work. 화이팅! ^^

  • Taey

    책을 읽으면, 5분 안에 찐자 잠들어요? ha ha ha 저도 그래요. 너무 재미없는책 만 이에요.


    • Taey 🙂
      재미없는 책을 읽으면, 5분 안에 진짜 잠들어요. ㅋㅋㅋ
      어떤 책 좋아해요?

  • 자유

    ㅋㅋ 현우 선생님과 경은 선생님이 ”책을 읽으면 5분 안에 잠들어요.”라고 말하면서 웃었어요? ^^
    제가 잠이 안 볼 때 재미없는 책을 보자마자 잠들어요…^^”

    • 자유 🙂
      ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ 네! 그 말 하면서 웃었어요. ^^;;
      잠이 안 올 때 재미없는 책을 봐요? ㅋㅋㅋ
      좋은 생각이에요! ^^

  • PanK

    Kyeong eun ssi, your voice is cute hahahah. By the way, what does “보자마자” mean?
    And does the ending -라고 is what you use when you want to quote someone?
    hehe. I love your lesson, thank you ^^