Korean Movie Titles 2012


Do you enjoy watching Korean movies? Many Korean movie titles, however, are translated to a completely different kind of title when they are introduced to the international audience. We know that our TalkToMeInKorean listeners like to know the original movie names in Korean as well as know how they are naturally and correctly pronounced, so we prepared something special for you.

Download the files by clicking here (right-click and choose “download target as …”)

When you download the file above and open the zip file, you will see an mp3 audio file where teacher 경화 and 현우 read 42 Korean movie titles for you, accompanied by a PDF where you can see more information about the movies. In addition to that, in a sub-folder, you will also find individual audio tracks for each of the movie titles.

And YES, you can download this for free of charge. All we ask is, if you find this helpful, please let your friends know by tweeting it out or sharing this post with your friends.

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Thank you so much for studying Korean with us and we hope you continue enjoy learning with us!


Korean Movie Titles 2012
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    Great thing, guys! You’re awesome! ☆ミヽ(^◡^)ノ彡☆
    So, as I have understood from the title of “I Am The King”, 이로소이다 is not translated anyhow, just a sentence ending?

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  • Awesome! I didn’t know there are só many movies made in Korea. So I have something to do 🙂

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