Korean Vocabulary Starting with “ㅅ”


What words in Korean start with the consonant “ㅅ”? Here are some of them! Can you think of some more? ^^

삼각대 [sam-gak-dae] = tripod
사탕 [sa-tang] = candy
서명 [seo-myeong] = signature
손목시계 [son-mok-si-gye] = wrist watch
사슴 [sa-seum] = deer
손바닥 [son-ba-dak] = palm
세탁소 [se-tak-so] = the cleaner’s, dry cleaners
선녀와 나무꾼 [seon-nyeo-wa na-mu-kkun] = the fairy and the woodcutter
새우깡 [sae-u-kkang] = Sae-u-kkang (shrimp snack)
상상 [sang-sang] = imagination
수저 [su-jeo] = spoon, spoon and chopsticks
소녀시대 [so-nyeo-si-dae] = Girls’ Generation
소주 [so-ju] = Soju
숯 [sut] = charcoal
소방차 [so-bang-cha] = fire engine
소화전 [so-hwa-jeon] = fire hydrant
세종대왕 [se-jong-dae-wang] = King Sejong
스타벅스 [seu-ta-beok-seu] = Starbucks
손톱깎이 [son-top-kka-kki] = nail clippers
신발 [sin-bal] = shoes
스트레스 [seu-teu-re-seu] = stress

Korean Vocabulary Starting with “ㅅ”
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  • zel

    Oh gee.. ! Thanks a lot for sharing… It’s really useful for me to build up my korean vocabulary.. TTMIK long live..!!!

  • You forgot 슈퍼주니어 (Super Junior)! Haha

  • Robin_ssi

    Seu-ta-king = Star King sun-bae = a person you regard as a senior(that’s how I understand it).
    By the way, I’m just about to finish level 3. I hope I can catch up with you soon.

  • Dova

    Why can’t I watch the video?

  • ilikeit

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  • 사무엘

    Will there be any download available later ?

  • 소녀시대!

  • Jiang

    왜 스타크래프트가 없어요?

  • Judah

    Very helpful…make some more videos…kamsahamnida!