Korean Vocabulary Starting with “ㅍ”


What words in Korean start with the consonant “ㅍ”? Here are some of them! Can you think of some more? ^^


파도 [pa-do] = wave
파란색 [pa-ran-saek] = blue (color)
파인애플 [pa-i-nae-peul] = pineapple
팥빙수 [pat-bing-su] = patbingsu (food)
팔 [pal] = arm
팔꿈치 [pal-kkum-chi] = elbow
편의점 [pyeo-nui-jeom] = convenient store
포도 [po-do] = grape
피망 [pi-mang] = bell pepper


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Korean Vocabulary Starting with “ㅍ”
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  • Maymay

    Wah! My first contribution xD
    파- Scallions
    파도타기- Surfing
    풀로- Turtleneck

  • janina

    팬 = a fan
    프로야구 = baseball

  • 푸인

    팩스 – fax
    필리핀 – Phillippines
    프랑스 – France
    포크 – fork
    표 – ticket
    파리 – Paris / housefly
    폐 – lung
    편지 – letter
    편집 – edit


  • Soonhee Kang

    I love these videos ^^
    please keep making more 😀


  • Byron

    For me, one of the most valuable aspects of 티티 믹 is the welcoming and friendly feeling I get from each lesson. It is warm and human, as opposed to cold and institutional, as many language-learning classes can be. Learning a new language with a new sign system (한글) can be intimidating, more so when you’re about to move to Korea (which I am). The encouragement and liveliness of the teachers gives me a very positive impression of the country and Korean people. Thank you for a wonderful teaching tool.