Korean Vocabulary Starting with “ㄴ”


What words in Korean start with the consonant “ㄴ”? Here are some of them! Can you think of some more? ^^

나비 [na-bi] = butterfly
나무 [na-mu] = tree
나이아가라 폭포 [na-i-a-ga-ra pok-po] = Niagara Falls
나사 [na-sa] = screw
나사 [na-sa] = NASA
나이 [na-i] = age
낙서 [nak-seo] = graffiti
날짜 [nal-jja] = date
낮술 [nat-sul] = daytime drinking
낮잠 [nat-jam] = nap
놀이터 [no-ri-teo] = playground
남녀 [nam-nyeo] = men and women
냄비 [naem-bi] = pot
냅킨 [naep-kin] = napkin
노라 존스 [no-ra jon-seu] = Norah Jones
노란색 [no-ran-saek] = yellow
노래방 [no-rae-bang] = karaoke
노트북 [no-teu-buk] = laptop
녹차 [nok-cha] = green tea
눈썹 [nun-sseop] = eyebrow
느낌표 [neu-kkim-pyo] = exclamation mark
농구 [nong-gu] = basketball

Can you think of some more? ^^

Korean Vocabulary Starting with “ㄴ”
  • Alex

    Nice, when you want to use a word, if you remember the first word of it it’s easier to fully remind it.
    This should be made for all the hangul characters available.

  • 날씨 나라 너 나 넥타이 …
    으… 네네네

  • aviva

    I wait to your lesson you know I frome Israel and now there is wer and my feeling not good your lesson improve my feel.
    How I can to write in Korean I have words in korean with L = N

  • 가을에는 나뭇잎은 특히 아름답다~~!!
    그리고 가을에 한국에 가고 싶어요~~!!ᄒᄒ
    저는 언제 갈 수 있을까요?

  • 여러 나라에 따라서 노래방 도 다라요.

  • mary

    me encanto la leccion, esta muy buena esta pagina

  • I enjoy this lesson because it allows me to learn vocabulary quickly since I am matching Korean words with images and not only English words. Is there any way you can provide more of these kinds of vocabulary lessons with things we see everyday? : )

  • Victor

    I love you guys. You brighten my day with every lesson you make. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I’m really thankful 🙂

  • Nisa

    heyy.. I dont speak korean:/

  • May28K

    너무, 남자, 노래, 내일, 날씨, 네