Korean Vocabulary Starting with “ㄹ”


What words in Korean start with the consonant “ㄹ”? Here are some of them!

라디오[ra-di-o] = radio
라면[ra-myeon] = instant noodle
라볶이 [ra-ppo-kki] = Rappokki(Ramyeon+Tteokbbokki)
라오스 [ra-o-seu] = Laos
러시아 [reo-si-a] = Russia
로마 [ro-ma] = Rome
로즈마리 [ro-jeu-ma-ri] = rosemary
로또 [ro-tto] = lotto
리모컨 [ri-mo-keon] = remote control
리니지 [ri-ni-ji] = Lineage
로봇 [ro-bot] = robot

Can you think of some more? ^^


Korean Vocabulary Starting with “ㄹ”
  • Save for 라면 and 라볶이, all are foreign words, no? ^^

  • beka

    i fell in love with voice kyeon-eun choi …

    • Jackeline

      I think that´s not Kyung-Eun Choi voice

    • MrKim

      That is Hyojin’s voice. I usually like female voices when learning languages b/c it usually sounds more clearer.

  • George Posten

    Yeah, there are not that many Korean words that begin with ㄹ, even in the Korean-Korean dictionary ㄹ is the shortest section. 국어사전에도 ‘ㄹ’ 부분은 제일 짧단 말이에요.

  • Stefano

    Ha nice robot 석진 씨

  • Samier

    I learned 리모컨!

    Thanks for the awesome video! Seokjin’s robot dance is amazing haha!!

  • 시혁

    단어들 안 좋아요 ;(