Korean Vocabulary Starting with “ㅁ”


What words in Korean start with the consonant “ㅁ”? Here are some of them!

마트 [ma-teu] = supermarket
막걸리 [mak-geol-ri] = makgeolli, rice wine
막창 [mak-chang] = makchang, roasted abomasum
만두 [man-du] = dumpling
만화 [man-hwa] = cartoon, animation
말레이시아 [mal-re-i-si-a] = Malaysia
맥주 [maek-ju] = beer
모델 [mo-del] = model
머리카락 [meo-ri-ka-rak] = hair
모자 [mo-ja] = hat, cap
머리 [meo-ri] = head
목 [mok] = neck
멱살 [myeok-sal] = one’s collar grabbed by someone else
묵찌빠 [muk-jji-bba] = a type of the Rock, Scissor, Paper game
물병/물잔 [mul-byeong]/[mul-jan] = glass, cup
물레방아 [mul-re-bang-a] = watermill
물수건/물티슈 [mul-su-geon]/[mul-ti-syu] = wet towel
미소 [mi-so] = smile
미용실 [mi-yong-sil] = hair salon
마술 [ma-sul] = magic

Can you think of some more? ^^

Korean Vocabulary Starting with “ㅁ”
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    Awesome video ^^

  • 무 = raddish !
    마늘 = garlic!
    also like 만들다 = create. But that’s a verb -3-

  • great presentation

  • I can say anything right??

    몰라요~don’t know
    멋져써~~cool, handsome
    마마~~king, queen, the greatest, the honorable

    Sorry if I’m wrong…

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  • George Posten

    Do they have to nouns?

    명사 – noun

    무식한 -ignorant
    무식하면 용감하다 – Ignorance is bliss -or- Fools rush in where angels fear to trod.
    마귀 – devil

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  • Twenty more to add to your vocab list for all the people studying hard! ^.^

    무시하다 – to ignore
    무시무시하다 – to be frightful, ghastly
    명백하다 – to be clear, obvious
    막연하다 – to be vague, unclear
    밉다 – to be hateful, detestable
    맵다 – to be spicy
    멀다 – to be far
    무사하다 – to be safe, secure
    몹시 – awfully, very
    마구 – carelessly, recklessly, wildly
    막상 – ultimately, actually, really
    마침내 – at last
    미리 – in advance
    미남 – a handsome guy
    몸짱 – a person with a really good body
    목성 – Jupiter
    명왕성 – Pluto
    마그네슘 – magnesium
    멍멍 – bow-wow
    멕시카나 – Mexicana – an awesome Korean fried chicken restaurant ㅋㅋ

  • 돈 [don]Money
    바꾸다 [bakkuda]To Change
    얼마 [eolma]How much
    천 [cheon]One Thousand
    달러 [dalleo]Dollar
    오늘 [oneul]Today
    일 [il]One
    원 [won]Won
    맞다 [matta]To be right
    즐겁다 [jeulgeoptta]Enjoyable
    여행 [yeohaeng]Travel////////////////from kbs world site