Korean Vocabulary Starting with “ㅂ”


What words in Korean start with the consonant “ㅂ”? Here are some of them!

바나나 [ba-na-na] = banana
밤 [bam] = chestnut
바이킹 [ba-i-king] = pirate ship
바람 [ba-ram] = wind
발 [bal] = foot
방석 [bang-seok] = sitting cushion
범퍼카 [beom-peo-ka] = bumper cars
버스 [beo-seu] = bus
백조 [baek-jo] = swan
벚꽃 [beot-kkot] = cherry blossoms
보쌈 [bo-ssam] = bossam
부동산 [bu-dong-san] = real estate agency
부라보콘 [bu-ra-bo-kon] = Bravo Cone
부채 [bu-chae] = fan
북 [buk] = drum (Korean drum?)
북 [buk] = north
분수 [bun-su] = fountain
비둘기 [bi-dul-gi] = pigeon
비상구 [bi-sang-gu] = emergency exit, fire exit

Can you think of some more? ^^

Korean Vocabulary Starting with “ㅂ”
  • Samier

    고마워요! I love these videos 🙂

  • 배! x3

  • 아주 멋진주세요 가 더 많은 것들을 할 것입니다 .

  • It is very good .

  • 박수 ??? You know like in 박수 쳐 by 2NE1..

  • Ivona

    비 ^^

  • Robin_ssi

    Bi = rain
    beo-geo = burger without a ham. (signs of shallow vocabulary). Thank you for making your language fun and easy to learn.

  • Byron

    비 덜 기 should be the name for that bird in every language. It’s perfect! Also, once I get my first paycheck from the university here, I pledge to support TTMK’s projects.

  • I’m from Poland and the problem is that most ESL cuirlcura in my country are based on BrE.And it doesn’t even matter that nowadays teenagers are more often exposed to AmE through video clips, Hollywood movies and other popular culture items – it is AmE that is dominant…So, yes, by all means teach the language variety that is going to be used by students not what the school authorities think is appropriate for your students.